Another 3 Cancelled Games You'll Wish You Could've Played

Zach writes: 'A few months ago, we took a look at three cancelled games that looked good enough to buy then and there. Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of Gaia, Tiberium and Cryptid Hunter: The Legend of Kipling McKay all seemed to be primed for greatness, but were unfortunately cut short for a whole myriad of reasons.'.

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Fist4achin677d ago

Some cool concepts there. Maybe one day these ideas will get resurrected ?!

ZachMurphyQT676d ago

I'd love for that, but I don't have much hope for Conflict and Fear Effect given Pivotal closing their doors over a decade ago and Fear Effect Sedna releasing...
Perhaps we could get the Collapse sequel one day though!

AK91676d ago

Only heard of Fear Effect from that list shame the latest game from that series was utter garbage.

ZachMurphyQT676d ago

If you like squad-based shooters the Conflict series is to die for!