Knights and Bikes / thatHITBOX - Review

thatHITBOX: Knights and Bikes endears itself from the off, presenting two lead characters that revel in the absurdity of their own imaginations. Their adventure is equal parts distraction from reality, and an exploration of a child’s innate ability to personify literally anything. You’ll pick up trusty companions along the way, including a goose [brilliantly] named Captain Honkers, and a mysterious severed head named ‘The Pickled Knight’. The hand drawn graphics are a sight to behold, and are filled with flourishes that make a world of sense given the Foam Sword team’s previous stint as developers on Media Molecule’s Tearaway. There’s puddle splashing, evil demolition trucks, an old school record shop, a trip round the local pitch and putt, British references aplenty, and at the core of it all, a story about loss and family.

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