Rayman Mini Announced for Apple Arcade With Stylish Trailer

Ubisoft has today revealed a new Rayman game coming to the newly announced Apple Arcade subscription service called Rayman Mini.

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Orionsangel36d ago

Apple Arcade? Everything is going the way of subscription services. Pay a certain amount and play hundreds of games rather than paying for games individually. You can argue Sony started this with PSnow, but it never caught on. Microsoft with it’s Ultimate Game Pass has really set the standard and foresee this becoming the norm down the road.

Outlawzz36d ago

Looks cool. I wouldn't play it on a phone though, need my battery for other things

Sgt_Slaughter36d ago

Everyone's been asking for a sequel to Rayman Legends or a new 3D Rayman, yet we get this. WTF.