Entitled Fans in Gaming

Exclusively Games writes:

''Is it possible to love a property so much that you’re blinded by that love to the point that you disrespect and hurt the ones who make it?

We, as fans, get too passionate at times that we go after the creators of our beloved games with no regard for their feelings or artistic vision.''

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CyberSentinel35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Fans have every right to criticize and complain about any product they want to. They even have the right to organize a boycott towards that product, if they so choose to. They don’t have the right to threaten someone with death or make false accusations of rape against anyone. Their are laws on the books already for those actions.

If fans wants to “downvote” something, or review bomb something, or go on a third party website like reddit and organize a boycott, as long as it’s within the law and that private website’s guidelines, I have no problem with such actions.

KyRo35d ago

It's someone's creative work, their vision of how they wanted it to play, look and feel. You can have an opinion on it that's fine, you will never please everyone as everyone will have conflicting tastes and opinions but to criticize, boycott and threaten peoples lives because you don't like a certain aspect of a game is embarrassing. The sad thing is you see it all the time. From Spiderman's puddles, ME3s ending or COD MW minimap, a lot of gamers are entitled brats for the most part. If you don't like it, don't buy it the same as you would for any other medium outside of gaming.

Gridknac35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

This term "Entitled" is being thrown around like a dirty word. Artistic expression and creative works are words for something put on display to be admired without monetary concerns. Like the Indie dev/modders that work years on projects only to release them for free. Perhaps video games were once founded in that. Thats not what these games today are. Games today are devices in which companies use to separate you from your money. That is their soul purpose of existence. If there was no money, their would be no game. Therefore, when a company comes for my money, I am "entitled" to engage with that company in a effort to barter the product that I want. The people that threaten violence and say vile things have lost that entitlement and should be ostracized by the community. The actions of a few, does not represent the whole community. Having said that, we don't have to sit here and take whatever shit companies/dev try to feed us either.

Sono42135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

This entire article is pointless. The ONLY time fan outrage, or in their words "entitled fans" are in the wrong, is when they directly threaten the developers or producers, or anyone's lives. Which is the VAST MINORITY. Why complain about .01% of the fans? As well as lump others in with them, idiotic. There are extremes in every category, but they are just that... extremes.

Not to mention the Sword and Shield controversy is the FURTHEST thing from entitlement.

We are now paying $20 more for the game and it has less features, and just higher resolution 3DS graphics. Is it not fair to expect a BETTER product than we were getting before? Seeing as we are now paying $20 more? Instead of an inferior product? Not to mention Pokemon is the highest grossing franchise OF ALL TIME. Their games should be the PINNACLE of gaming, the tippy top, the absolute BEST of the BEST, graphically, functionally, variety, anything you name it, they should be able to pull it off/afford it, but instead they lie and take the cheap way out, how could you NOT be upset about the highest grossing franchise's first mainline console entry looking like a higher resolution 3DS game without even having all the pokemon? AND being lied to multiple times about why all pokemon aren't in the game... They can LITERALLY afford ANYTHING, yet they don't, they make a game that looks like it could be developed by an indie studio, while some parts of the game a graphically comparable to N64 and GameCube games... just sad.

Ricegum34d ago


Come on now, Pokémon Sword and Shield aren't that bad, you guys are making it out like they are terrible.

Also, when has Pokémon ever been about the graphics? Blown out of proportion a little there.

UltraNova35d ago

We do get out of hand sometimes. We love this medium, its our hobby and favorite pass time. But we also need to be put in check. I'm taking about threats against studios and people who work there. These actions are totally unacceptable.

That said...
"We, as fans, get too passionate at times that we go after the creators of our beloved games with no regard for their feelings or artistic vision."

What artistic vision? Feelings? Is this the late 90's? Today most studios are following a spreadsheet handed by their corporate masters(exceptions exist, of course, but are far between). They have to follow quotas on everything even Meta scores. They have to add monetization features. They have to design games in parts so they can drip-feat them to us over time, for a price of course.

Those that are left, the true artists, still unhindered by corporate manipulation are few and far between and all of them are struggling or will be at some point due to an overwhelming AAA industry and their deep pockets/influence grabbing the attention ($$$) of the press and discussions everywhere while "smothering" out everyone else.

So lets not pretend that these corporate puppets dont deserve our(civil) upheaval when they get out of line.

AK9135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

While there is definitely truth to these statements lets not ignore why there appears to be more outspoken gamers in this day and age. It's because game execs and publishers interfere with our favourite franchises and developers and gut out microtransactions bs.

There is definitely some unnecessary actions such as gamers review bombing Astral Chain (I would add Borderlands 3 but I think that game deserves it) but lets not forget the other side where sometimes fans needs to speak out otherwise gaming as we know it will be dead and we'll only have mobile games filled to the brim with microtransactions.

FilthyWeeb35d ago

Imagine that you really like the Ford Focus, that you've purchased every generation of Ford Focus.
They don't offer the best drive, they don't have the best specs, nor do they look the prettiest... But you're happy with what you're buying, and you really, really like the seats over other cars... Even if every generation has been slowly removing more standard specs.

Anyway, Ford unveil their brand new generation of Focus. You're excited, you've supported Ford for years and you're happy to buy the next generation...
Only it costs more previous generations, it's basically the last generation with one of the wing mirrors painted (it's not even a full paintjob, it looks pretty ugly), and plastic chairs.

The chairs were the one thing Ford shouldn't have messed with, you would have been happy with them removing more specs, but you can't stand plastic chairs. Or if they were going to give you plastic chairs and keep the same price, they should at least have the car fully kitted out to rival expensive audis or mercedes.

So you voice your displeasure, as a long time customer you're not happy with this. Only for car journalists to attack you and others, calling you "entitled" and "toxic".

NO other industry treats their customers in this manner, and it sounds dumb when you apply it to other industries. We have a choice in what we want to buy and we're fully within our right not to buy something, and voice our displeasure.

UltraNova35d ago

Ford in this case would remove the plush seats for plastic ones while "giving you the option" of installing the plush seats you came to love all those generations before, for an additional fee of course. That's monetization for you. These practices need to be called out.