Boy, The Map In Borderlands 3 Sure Is Terrible

Everything about Borderlands 3's map is a headache inducing nightmare, from navigation, to fast travel, to the minimap, none of it seems to work.

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toxic-inferno32d ago

I agree the game isn't perfect, but this seems awfully picky in my opinion. I haven't found any of the issues this article raises to have affected my enjoyment of the game at all.

VerminSC32d ago

Exactly! The stupid journalist love to stir shit up.

ravinash31d ago

Using the term "journalist" very loosely.

Lore32d ago

This map is actually pretty intuitive not sure why he’s complaining

Summons7532d ago

I have not heard many good things about this game. Map - terrible, frame rate - terrible, local coop - nearly unplayable, SJW censoring - terrible. Not sounding good for this game.

Interloper32d ago

I have to say it does take a dip on consoles sometimes, but boy is the local co-op laggy as all heck! I mean, it's.... doable, but it's very badly doable. However, it hasn't stopped me from enjoying the game for what it is. :)

VerminSC32d ago

Sometimes you have to try it for yourself. I’m loving the game. The menus are a little slow but nothing compared to my PS4s interface.

Sirk7x31d ago

Love my PS4, but the UI and OS are god awful compared to Xbox.

Bnet34331d ago

This game runs smooth and buttery on the One X so you won't get a bad experience there.

Christopher31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Map is perfectly fine. You either get bland areas with no verticality or you get that and a map that doesn't help as much when overlapping areas occur.

Frame rate is only an issue in local co-op.

Changing midgets to tinks is far from sjw denoting and so minor considering the plethora of new enemies in the game. Later on the short guys are mostly nogs who are annoying little things who decide it's a good idea to shield heavies and badasses.

I'd try the game before so readilly spreading opinion based material further.

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AK9132d ago

*Boy, Borderlands 3 sure is terrible

Fixed it for you

SolidGamerX32d ago

*According to you who hasn't actually played it.

Fixed it for you

VerminSC32d ago

Why are people ripping apart this game so much? I haven’t had anything negative to say about it and I’m loving it. It’s running smooth for me, I thought the maps were fine. The game is so much fun and has so much content, I really don’t understand the hate.

TheGamez10032d ago

Because of the epic exclusivity thing, that randy dude, the sketchy reviews, and there are quite a number of technical issues with the game on all platforms. Alot of ppl especially are fed up with video games releasing as a broken mess.
The game itself is solid, has alot of content, and im enjoying it myself yes, but theres a ton of sketchy and stupid stuff going on with the games devs and publisher. Also the odd price increase of an edition of the game.

Christopher31d ago

Mostly because the boss is a jackass and on PC it's not on Steam so it's obviously the worst game ever (that will change entirely once they release it on Steam, though). The other stuff is very few affecting and not even close to game breaking.

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The story is too old to be commented.