Borderlands 3 Split-Screen Co-Op Is a Technical Disaster on PS4

Players are saying the co-op is unplayable in its current form.

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ABizzel134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It’s a disaster on Xbox one s as well. The frame rate is all over the place sometimes. If one persons goes into the menu the frame rate tanks, if you both go into it it’s a slide show for a bit (especially during the first mission).

I’ll be glad when the new console come out with much better CPUs to take care of issues like this.

Is anyone having better luck with the Xbox One X? Just checked the article and they assume the pro doesn’t fair much better.

ElementX34d ago

I have an X, however I don't have any friends to invite over to play split screen.

Profchaos34d ago

You have bigger problems then

ElementX33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Most of my friends, or at least the people I talk to on a regular basis, aren't gamers. I have a few friends who game but they don't live near me so we don't game unless it's online.

rainslacker33d ago

Was playing it at work today in split screen, and while it seemed to not be as fluid as it should be, it didn't seem to be a technical disaster.

Damrock34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I find it funny reviewers where sent on a "review" edition on Epic store and told not to report any issue or bugs as its not the final game....

Early game in performance mode on enhanced consoles the game dips down to low 40's as soon as anything happens, I can imagine how great it holds up late game.

KillZallthebeast34d ago

I've heard the one x at least is passable. Apparently the pro dips into the 20s from 60fps even just riding in a vehicle.

Ricegum33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I play it on the Pro, and this doesn't happen at all, it doesn't deviate much from 60fps. You get slight dips here and there but it's generally fine. Playing split screen is a bit of a nightmare though when someone goes into a menu.

shaggy230333d ago


That's weird because Digital Foundry clearly shows it dropping well into the 40s.

Start at around the 10 minute mark to see PS4s performance mode.

KillZallthebeast34d ago

Sadly looks like Randy Pitchfords overall terribleness is now effecting gearbox as a whole

BenRC0133d ago

What a mess, it's not like it's pushing any graphical boundaries.
It's obviously just base console versions (xbox platform has less effects and details) just uprezzed for pro and x with zero optimisation. Massive red flags were obvious with the whole review scenario.

Stanjara33d ago

Why the hell did't they use Unreal 3 for this? It would be 60fps on consoles and 140fps on Pc.

shaggy230333d ago

Unreal 4 can handle 4K/60, just look at the latest Gears on the Xbox X to see this (its mostly 4K with dips in various areas)

Its not the engines fault but basically shoddy coding, they need a good few months to patch this to get it locked 60, and considering the performance mode is 1080p, 1080/60 is certainly possible.

Stanjara33d ago

Yes it is possible when you're developing first party with Microsoft engineers. Others struggle, and graphically, this game looks like previous BordL2 which is stable on consoles. This is a fast pace game with co-op and chaos on screen. Does it really needs all that dx12 bullshit?

shaggy230333d ago

No idea, I'm more of a console player than PC.

In a few months time I think itll be in a decent shape, it's just going to take a few patches. It's no excuse, more than likely the publisher forced them to release it and patch it later.

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