Member Berries: Nier

This month’s feature takes at look at the less well known Nier title.

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Z50135d ago

Nier > Automata (cept combat)
Kaine > 2B, 9S, & A2
Humans/Shades > Androids/Machines
<3 Weiss & Emil

Summons7535d ago

I'm honestly still shocked they didn't take advantage of the Nier Automata hype and remaster this. This game is so fantastic and I personally like it so much more than Automata. I still remember when my fellow Gamestop employees were making fun on me for buying this "shitty" $20 new game (it released at $20 originally) two hours after signing the game out to try, forced them to play it and they ended up eating crow and loving it. Can't wait for a third Nier title!

Tarkus122735d ago

Besides combat I gotta say I enjoyed Nier much more than Automata

SegaSaturn66935d ago

I love the soundtrack of Nier. What a work of art.

AK9135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

My first Yoko Taro game, honestly I wasn't digging it at first but after the game got its hooks on me I was committed to seeing all the way through till the end.