The Games We Keep Returning To

I don’t think it’s possible to accurately tally up the thousands upon thousands of hours spent playing video games in my lifetime. I’ve owned fourteen platforms in my time and have quite literally poured my heart and soul into all of them. There have been games I’ve given weeks or months of my life to, and others that I’ve offered a mere glance to, before packing them back into their case, never to be played again.

Retrospectively, I’ve bought or been given games that – unbeknown to me – I’d still be playing time and again, many years later. What might seem the most ordinary of titles could prove to be a hidden gem for me, and I’ll revisit it once every so often. Conversely, a title could be so superb in all aspects possible, that it makes clear sense that I’d want to experience it several times over. Here are five of the games I just can’t help but go back to.

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isarai40d ago

I would absolutely love to play the GTA SA HD on PS4 but they ruined sprinting and bicycles by reassigning them to Right Trigger. can't even fast pedal on bikes and can't quite reach the highest sprint speed no matter how hard you try.

AK9139d ago

Yup GTA SA is my go to game as well, so many fond memories and everytime I replay it its like taking a trip down memory lane. MGS 1 & 2 is this for well along with GTA 3.

SickSinceSix39d ago

San Andreas is the only game I've gone to a midnight launch for, and I wasn't even old enough to buy it but the store sold it anyway. Played it all night when I got home.

william_cade39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I was over GTA by the time SA came out and can't seem to get into older games. I tried to play my favorite game from yonder-year, Simon's Quest, but it looks awful.

For me it would be Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne. FromSoft knows how to give an up to date game that good 'ol nostalgia. Fallout 4 was and still is crap. I've yet to try Skyrim, though.