GRID Autosport | Quality VS Performance | Frame Rate TEST on Switch

Here is an analysis of the frame rate (Quality VS Performance ) of the game GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch

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ABizzel135d ago

Shadows, Lighting, Reflections, and crowds (both people and birds) are turn down to the minimum, but since it's all about the racing, it's not a bad sacrifice to get close to 60fps, that being said I wish there was something more they could do to get the game to be a stable 60fps.

But it looks like they took the updated mobile version for Quality Mode, and used the low settings mobile version for Performance Mode.

Gemmol35d ago

Actually the game is based of the PC version not the mobile version

ABizzel134d ago

Really, then they must have used the PC version for the updated mobile version, because it is like for like the exact same settings as what the current mobile version offers, and the performance mode looks like the old mobile version with the missing shadows etc....

Sgt_Slaughter35d ago

Last played this on PS3 (surprised this is the first time it's been ported for newer consoles) so this looks much better in comparison.

Gemmol35d ago

It’s bAsed off the PC version which is better than PS3 version

gamerz35d ago

It's wonderful they offer both settings and let the player select which they prefer.

TheGuitarist35d ago

Seeing as the high-res pack isn't available for the game yet (they say it will be available on day one) this video is pretty much pointless.

Sgt_Slaughter34d ago

Hopefully that doesn't affect performance because I love the "Performance" option and with further patches it'll be a steady 60 (crossing my fingers for that)