How Many Subscriptions Will You Have?

Subscription services for games are becoming immensely popular. While services like Gamefly have been around for quite a while, the growth of digital-only services has been a more recent endeavor – and one that has caught on across multiple game publishing companies.

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FallenAngel198411d ago

I can’t believe some outlets are trying to make it seem like having a subscription service would be more cost effective than buying a console

UltraNova11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I can't believe that they still fail to include other media subs into the total. What gamer isnt subscribed to at least one movie/show service like Netflix, with more enticing ones coming up(HBO Max and Disney+ for example) ? Its time people are shown the true scope of their future spendings. This is quickly getting out of hand and reaching the absurd cable package prices of yesteryear (130+ per month not including internet service). Gamers of course are in worst position because we are naturally inclined on both entertainment ends(Movie/TV and games). Where are we headed?

rainslacker10d ago

Good thing we all are cutting the cord with cable right?

Now we can buy up all these subs instead, actually get less content, and not even have our phone or internet bundled into the deal.

derektweed110d ago

Piracy will go on the rise, when the consumers get priced out of the market they will turn to piracy.

For non-US people, there is a situation where most of the US TV shows are not available in other regions for several months after release, or after the whole season has finished. Meaning Illegal streaming (or downloading) is the only way to keep up to date with your favourite shows.

Unfortunately in Germany, they are very aggressive with persecuting people for copyright infringement i.e. Torrents. So low quality streaming is the only option.

SolidGamerX11d ago

Just one PS+, the only one I need or have any interest in.

Ricegum11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Yeah, just PS+. Luckily you don't need Xbox Live to play the odd MS exclusive on PC.

AngainorG7X11d ago

PS+ to play all the big AAA first party titles and more from day one...

timotim11d ago

Just one, Gamepass Ultimate. The only one I need or have interest in.

Gets me both Xbox Live Gold and Gamepass on both console and PC. It does a great job of giving me a diverse lineup of games to play.

TheHateTheyGive11d ago

Look at my post history, im so pro sony, but gamepass ultimate has made me much more fond of the xbox brand big time, i can even use gamepass on my pc no extra charge like ea garbage service.

strayanalog11d ago

Well, none, and for long as possible.

TheHateTheyGive11d ago

Gamepass i said many times is the modern sega channel, its a real cool service that will be a selling point come next gen. I can't say enough good things about it. it's preserving my old base ps 4 for the upcoming blockbusters coming out.

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The story is too old to be commented.