Gears 5 Multiplayer Review - IGN

Gears 5’s veritable horde of multiplayer modes is the best package the series has delivered yet. The Gears of War franchise’s multiplayer is special, and Gears 5’s selection of multiplayer modes carries on its tradition of excellence. If you want a break from the intensity of Gnasher shotgun quickdraws in Classic and Ranked Versus, you can swap over to the chaotic weapon party of Arcade. Or a group of friends can jump into a long session of Horde, or Escape if we you’re short on time. They’re all fun and tense, as always, and the impressive new additions fill gaps for certain playstyles and moods.

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StarLink5d ago

8.8/10 for the story and 9/10 for the multiplayer. So now they have to put the two scores together no?

Gaming1014d ago

Whether the game has an 8.9 or 9 out of 10 from one website is irrelevant. Gears overtook Fortnite on X-bone so Microsoft is happy with its financial performance.

Why else would people be upset about silly review scores -_- go play the game if you enjoy it.

spicelicka5d ago

I believe they will also provide an overall score, which I think is necessary and shouldn't just be an average. The game was essentially reviewed as 2 separate games by many outlets, but it's all in one package. There aren't many games out there with such strong single player and multiplayer components.

lxeasy5d ago

They should just give it a 9/10. An 8.9 out of 10 would be weird lmaol

lxeasy5d ago

The Coalition pulled it off, I'm really proud of them. I was worried leading up to the game.

Ricegum5d ago

Currently sitting at 86 on Metacritic. Not bad at all.

timotim5d ago

I knew MP would score higher...and that's a good thing. MP has been one of The Coalition's strengths thus far. That's a damn good total package though.

Artemidorus5d ago

IGN bank transfer must of happened. Gears as a franchise is pure borefest trash.

Chris125d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I see a troll has made an appearance

lxeasy5d ago

It was only a matter of time before a troll arrived

lxeasy5d ago

No one agrees with you LMAOL

Blu3_Berry5d ago

I am absolutely loving the multiplayer,especially Horde mode. The matches get super intense and I am so happy to be playing Gears again after so long (never got the chance to play Gears of War 4). Also finished the campaign and it was very good overall. Very excited for the future road map to see what new things they add to the game to further enhance the gaming experience.

I think overall I give the game a 9/10. It's got a lot of content, and it runs extremely well. That 60+fps is something I truly appreciate and I wish other games would look into support 60 fps more. Here's hoping this sets the standard for that.

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