5 Of The Best Shooters Available On Xbox Game Pass Right Now

FragHero writes: "Here is a handy guide to some of the best shooters available to play via the ever-expanding Xbox Game Pass service for PC and console."

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Insomniac Games Has Made Just $567 off Sunset Overdrive

Gamingbolt writes: "Insomniac Games has enjoyed commercial success on a level it had never seen before with its Marvel’s Spider-Man games, but not all of its titles in the last decade or so have seen eye-watering sales. In fact, specifically where Sunset Overdrive is concerned, the money the studio has made off it is quite negligible, to say the least."

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darthv7266d ago

Not gonna lie... looking at the IG roadmap I was fully hoping to see SSOD2 and Resistance reboot on there. The first SSOD was fun. It definitely needed the benefits of a 60fps mode and I was expecting there to be some sort of patch or FPS boost support when played on SX. Sadly... that ship sailed, but Sony gave me hope they would do the game justice. It really is a fun game that deserves to be played.

Gazondaily66d ago

At least it made some money. Ratchet and Clank lost Sony about $8m.

Eonjay66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

And yet they were happy to join PlayStation and since then they have made that back many, many times over. And clearly, it wasn't enough to keep them from releasing another Rachet per leaks.

Einhander197266d ago

Wanna talk about the profitability of Forza or Redfall?

8m is a number that will easily be made back when iR&C has been on the market as long as SO has, R&C will make more profit that SO ever will.

mkis00766d ago

Nah that was later updated to say it made sony money but maybe not insomniac

maniacmayhem66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

It's probably why Insomniac is going the Marvel route for a while and then later bring out their next R&C game.

It's not a bad way to do business honestly. They develope something for a while that will guarantee some money and then in between being out something of their own.

Unfortunately, with the way the industry is, this is how things are going to be mostly.


Of course they were happy, I remember when they were happy they were independent, but they saw how tough it was being that and without first party support and came running back to Sony.

Einhander197265d ago

I just want to add that $8m is only 265,000 copies at $30. The game will easily cross that.

outsider162465d ago (Edited 65d ago )

That money can be spent buying a PS5 with Ratchet and Clank.

IRetrouk65d ago

No it didn't septic, you read projections and thought you read actual money made, calm down 🤣

Outside_ofthe_Box65d ago

"No it didn't septic, you read projections and thought you read actual money made, calm down"

So you saying he got excited and jumped the gun like a typical overzealous fanatic?

itsmebryan65d ago

R&C lost $8 million. So after all the pride PS5 owners took in the game they didn't buy it? That's crazy. Some said before Sony 1st party games don't sell well. I guess it's true

CobraKai65d ago

Marvel came to Sony with the pitch to do a Marvel game after MS turned them down. Sony gave the job to Insomniac who got to choose any Marvel character to do a game for, and the rest is history

DivineHand12565d ago

If there is one game they should have made money on it's Ratchet and Clank. That game was fun from start to finish. I hope this doesn't discourage them from making more games in the future.

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notachance65d ago

Lol look at everyone here jumping to reply based only on other comment here

The claim that R&C made $73m while costing $81m was based on leaked 2020 presentation slide, and on the same leak you can also find Insomniac’s own claim that it already made $145m on R&C Rift Apart..

outsider162465d ago

As you can see they dont read much.

Zhipp65d ago

I didn't know Insomniac earned money from games. As a first party studio I figured all profits/losses were absorbed my the parent company.

Vits65d ago

Unless Sony coughs up the cash to buy the publishing rights from Microsoft, or the wild scenario of Microsoft snagging the IP from Sony happens, talking about sequels, ports, or even DLC is pretty much wishful thinking.

Source: https://gamevro.com/microso...

Jin_Sakai66d ago

If it were on PlayStation it would’ve sold better. Being a Microsoft exclusive was a mistake.

CrashMania66d ago

Zeref running around calling everything a flop, bet he won't call this a flop, can't begin to imagine why.

darthv7266d ago

well..... it did make IG some kind of $ unlike R&C which lost $8m in the process.

Does that count?

TheKingKratos65d ago

Well darth ... You went full fanboy and pretty much acting stupid or possibly can't read

As a user above said

They claim that R&C made $73m while costing $81m was based on leaked 2020 presentation slide, and on the same leak you can also find Insomniac’s own claim that it already made $145m on R&C Rift Apart..

Kribwalker66d ago

Yeah 😂😂😂 That’s why the newest ratchet game lost $8 million

purple10166d ago

Had a bigger budget
+ console shortage
+ is was ps5 only.

God if war and gt7 were made crossgen and made money in the same time period

Jin_Sakai65d ago

“Yeah 😂😂😂 That’s why the newest ratchet game lost $8 million“

Sunset Overdrive budget $42.6 million
Ratchet & Clank budget $81 million

You do the math. 😉

Eonjay66d ago

Rachet and Clank sold more than Sunset Overdrive so yes.