A problematic, unfunny trailblazer - What it's like to play Borderlands 2 after Destiny

From VG247: "Borderlands 2 is a time capsule, from the time immediately before loot-shooters took over the world. The margins of its script are filled with memes from 2012.

But I’ve decided to go back, for a couple of reasons. First, I missed the boat at the time, and would like to at least hitch a dinghy before Borderlands 3 comes into harbour this week. And second, I want to know if there’s anything left that Destiny 2 didn’t improve upon. Borderlands 2 is a game that’s been pilfered for parts ever since, and while pilfering might be in the spirit of Pandora, there might not be much left to discover. Still: 15 million players couldn’t have been wrong. Could they?"

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Profchaos612d ago

Personally I thought the humour was great but each to their own

drunkenspy007612d ago

yeah, i feel like whomever wrote the article has a very dull life.

Leeroyw612d ago

Handsome Jack was a great villain.

WeAreLegion612d ago

Destiny 2 is nowhere near as fun as either Borderlands game.

W34KN35S612d ago

i mean to be fair , Destiny 2 has to balance way more than BL2. With it having pvp and pve , everything gained in the game cant be too strong or favorable because it cant be overpowered for pvp.considering that the whole game revolves around gear and weapons this is a big deal .

jjb1981612d ago

I just played the fight for sanctuary DLC and thought it was great. Tiny Tina is savage.

Kornholic612d ago

Tiny Tina has to be one of the most annoying characters ever written. I don't understand the appeal.

jjb1981612d ago

She is annoying for sure but still fits in great.

Mr_Writer85612d ago

If this guy missed the boat then I don't really expect him to "get it".

People who join late rarely do, yes BL 1&2 are more of their time in terms of script, but the game itself is soild.

Also the voice actor performances are of higher quality than that of Destiny, the fact they had to swap out one of the voice actors post launch backs this up.

Is Borderlands a masterpiece? No not by any streacth.. Is it better than Destiny? Yes in nearly every way possible, Infact I can't think of a single thing Destiny did either on par with or better than Borderlands.

Borderlands isn't without its flaws, and again I don't expect it to be up there in many top 10s of all time, but it's in my personal top 20.

BlackDoomAx611d ago

The gunplay. Weapon customization. The vehicles. The world is more 'living'.

Mr_Writer85611d ago

Can't agree with any of that I'm afraid.

The gunplay wasn't any better than BL.

Weapon customization wasn't really in BL so it can't of done it better, then again BL choice of weapons was better.

The vechiles were just to get from A-B no actual gameplay, unlike BL.

I found the world and its NPCs bland and generic. And not even close to being as stand out as some BL characters.

BlackDoomAx610d ago

Gunplay is definitely better; you have a balanced pvp in it that showsit. Vehicles have better controls on D2; the gameplay with them in BL is not fun at all. Characters are cool in BL, but not the world they live in. Choice of weapons is larger in BL, but artificially; infinite stat tweaks.

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