FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Trailer dropping today

Final Fantasy Vii remake trailer dropping today in 5 hours

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InKnight7s384d ago

Just hope they will announcing demo, even if it limited to one time play or so.

indysurfn384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

They had TWO different demos for FF XV and that was a BRAND NEW GAME. Not just a remake. So inKnight7s is being real. in fact even octopath traveler had a demo. So did FFXIV.

I want a Demo too. If it does not have a demo I will wait until I see a LOT of reviews. If it is not at least 8's I may buy it used because it will be cheaper used fast if it is not selling like hotcakes.

I just hope the anti actionrpg fans don't review bomb it to death.

384d ago
Yui_Suzumiya384d ago

My friend Briana White is doing the voice of Aerith. Can't wait!

Yui_Suzumiya384d ago

She's a youtuber, model and actress. We first talked in 2016 and stay in contact online from time to time. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I got the news about her working on this.

gamer7804384d ago

excited to see more of SE's Ethics team at work!

elliselijah92384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

Man fuck them, I can imagine what they all look like. SJWs with glasses. They can't see because they're inside all day, yet they want to change the world outside, a world they never go to and see.

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The story is too old to be commented.