Kojima Productions “overjoyed” by Keanu Reeves visit

Cyberpunk actors makes appearance at Japanese studio.

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blackbeld502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Hope to see Keanu Reeves in Kojima productions next game after death stranding. 🤪 Really hope he’s in a new ip game from Kojima.

Fist4achin502d ago

I see the Wyld Stallions t shirt. I've heard they are making another movie with the majority of the cast coming back. Of course with the exception of Rufus (RIP). Hopefully it will be excellent!

AK91502d ago

I understood that reference.

b163o1502d ago

I know.........I didn't know he was left handed either😯

NarutoFox503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

Hmm a easy mode and they say this is only a walking simulator🤔. This game probably got everything in it to action, stealth, horror, thriller, drama, comedy you name it.

PaleMoonDeath502d ago

People say that as a joke :P We all know it's Silent Hill mashed with some good ol' Metal Gear!

theshredded503d ago

The guy's a genius and a magnet to celebrities.

Rimeskeem503d ago

The cool thing about that phrase is it can go either way here lol

ApocalypseShadow503d ago

As Pablo Francisco says, "We know too much." "We went too far." "He said we went too far." To Kojima Productions Japanese Studio.

Viewer discretion(stand up comedy)

Clean late night tv

Keanu went too far. Lol! Maybe Death Stranding is a a "fight to survive." Or maybe we'll be surprised and it's a video game based on Little Tortilla Boy and Arnold Schwarzenegger will show up at the studio next.

Nu502d ago

I first learned about little tortilla boy through super smash bros brawl parodies Then I found out about Pablo Francisco 😎

richmoral502d ago

Pablo Francisco is hilarious. "Are you Ein'? No. Are you Ein'. No I'm Pablo."
His whole skit about taking E in the club is so funny.

Nu501d ago

With sound effects are funny shit

jlove4life502d ago

U must be sponsored by pablo

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The story is too old to be commented.