Games for Lunch Review: Guitar Hero World Tour

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 I've played all the previous Guitar Hero games, but haven't even touched this one in previews. I'm especially excited to see how the drums hold up to those from Rock Band, one of my favorite games of all time.

0:13 Jumping the clock forward to account for the time it took to unbox and set up the drums and guitar. The setup is actually a touch more complex than that for Rock Band, although the drums already seem a bit sturdier.

0:14 I put the game in the system. The preview screen blares: "SHARE THE EXPERIENCE! Join together for the definitive rock & roll gaming experience in Guitar Hero World Tour." Jeez, what marketing major dropout wrote that?

0:15 Shocker ... there's a game update that needs to be installed. A 19 MB download delays the start of the game yet more.

0:17 Downloaded, installed and finally ready to go ... after some more loading, of course."

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pansenbaer3629d ago

Very disappointed in this release. I really like this track list better than Rock Band 2, but the drums are steering me away from the purchase. I never liked the Rock Band drums and I really don't want to shell out 300 bucks for the Ion Rocker. Ho Hum...

Product3629d ago

i liked it for wii but i have nothing to compare it to since rockband 2 doesnt come out for wii till later this year and rockband 1 which i have played is to old to compare this to.
This game i would not get unless others came over though.....great party game...bad single player game imo.