Top 5 Memorable Grand Theft Auto Missions

KeenGamer: ''There are so many memorable missions throughout the Grand Theft Auto series, it would be difficult to compile an objective list of them all. Still, there are five missions that stand out in my mind as memorable, whether because of difficulty, story impact, or just plain old enjoyment factor. Here is my list of the top 5 memorable missions in Grand Theft Auto.''

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FlyingFoxy501d ago

One in Vice City where the guy shoots his VCR and says "Piece of plastic shit" or something. I remember it being funny, unlike GTA 3 which i found quite dull.

ilikestuff500d ago

There’s a mission in gta 3 where u have to kill some getaway driver named tanner, who they said was useless outside of his car. If u don’t know, tanner was the name of the main character in the driver game which was gta’s competition back then, gta completely destroyed that game and had you kill him too lol. Badass

Profchaos500d ago

There was also a reference to tanner in GTA SA where you break into mad dogs mansion to steal his rhyme book one of mad dogs guards is playing a game console and says something along the lines of fk you tanner punk a** b***h

ilikestuff500d ago


I didn’t catch that, that’s awesome

Razmiran500d ago

And then 10 years later Driver:San Francisco came out and was better than any GTA

navi87500d ago

GTA III had a cool one where you had to kill off this guy in a complete body cast who was being driven around in an ambulance...I remember blasting him with the rocket launcher for ages. He was tough bugger haha

Nacho_Z500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

It's been a while so my recollection isn't great but I remember one from SA that stood out where you had to burn a dude called The Truth's weed crops down and escape in his camper van. I think it was one of the story missions that opened up a new part of the map at the end which were always special.

NecrumOddBoy500d ago

The one in Vice where you had to chase down a guy on a roof top with a samurai sword was cool.

I really liked the GTA V Mission where you sniped down the plane and had to chase it down the mountain as it was crashing.

Also, the first major Chinatown Wars police chase where you rammed cops up ramps through billboards, slammed them into gas station the places chicken on the docks, sending the rest into the ocean. Its one of the best GTAs. Id love a Switch remaster.

Profchaos500d ago

Every single Yousif Amir mission in tbogt was memorable stealing a tank attached to a chopper and stealing a subway car.

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