If All Games Have Literal Titles, Here's What the Classics Should've Been Called

Becca at GameSpew: Names of games used to be so vague. We think they need to be more descriptive. So we've renamed some of the classics. You're welcome.

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Jimboms43d ago

That Skyrim re-title is 100% accurate.

NecrumOddBoy43d ago

Gamespew is really just a poor website through and through

elliselijah9243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I disagree. They've had some good articles. But this one is meh.

AK9143d ago

That goes for 95% of game journalists though

TengHu43d ago

I feel like this article was made just so the author can talk about Death Stranding.

persona4chie43d ago

Exactly it's not a fucking classic

AK9143d ago

I lost some brain cells attempting to read this.............thing

Tross42d ago

I legit snickered at the proposed title for Ocarina of Time, but other than that I’m with you 100%.

kimblejay42d ago

Have a sense of humour, guys!

Gahl1k42d ago

Where have you been? We take this stuff seriously now, just like politics.

Bathyj42d ago

Humour? What do you think we're here for, fun?

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