GiN Review - Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge

James Maddox writes:

"With more than 25 activities to keep you interested, one might think that Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge is spreading itself a little thin as a all-encompassing sports title for the Wii, but while it does have its shortcomings, this title does well to keep a varying list of events and activities to keep sports players interested in the game.

Summer Athletics focuses on several event categories, such as swimming, archery, running, jumping, throwing, the high dive, and cycling, though there are several events held within each individual category.

The controls for each of these games are going to be what catches most players' attentions, as some are smooth and easy, while others tend to be a little more taxing than they probably should be.

For example, the high dive is nothing more than a timing game, as players try to match up the strikes of their controller and nunchuck (for the Wii version) to that which shows on the screen; however, the swimming event has players flailing their controls in circles, which usually ends up with the nunchuck chord wrapped around their arms-hardly a winning feature."

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