Plants vs Zombies : Battle for Neighborville Debuting September 4th

SG: "Earlier last month, we partook in the alpha for a new Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare title code named “Project Picnic”. Due to a strict NDA, we were unable to speak about it but fortunately, it seems as though EA is ready to pull the wraps off of what is presumably Garden Warfare 3."

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Kran46d ago

I actually got to try this too... it was sluggish and kind of boring. It's basically overwatch but plants vs zombies... completely full of, and I mean LITERALLY FULL, of Microtransactions.

BiggCMan46d ago

Didn't you play Garden Warfare 1 and 2? They were the same basically. Especially 2, very full of microtransactions. It's cuz the games are filled with kids who play and don't have any concept of money and just spend like crazy and get their parents to keep spending for them. But if you can ignore that aspect, the games are fucking fun as hell and I really love them. So despite this one most likely being filled with them too, I'm still really excited for it cuz I just love the first 2 so much. It is just very easy for me to ignore microtransactions so that's why it doesn't bother me as much as other people. I feel bad for those who feel pressured into spending money on that stuff, it sucks. But I know for me it's very easy to just ignore it and have fun in the game. Can't wait for this.