‘Astral Chain’ cyberpunches its way to a debut No.1 - UK Charts

After a seasonal quiet period for new releases, the All Formats Chart finds itself with 4 new titles at the top. ‘Astral Chain’ debuts at No1 ahead of ‘Wreckfest’ at No2, ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan’ at No3 and ‘Control’ at No4. Only around 1,500 sales separate No1 from No4.  Elsewhere ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ swings back in to the Top 10 at No8 thanks to a price drop, while ‘Collection of Mana’ arrives at No22 making it 5 new Top 40 games this week.

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Shiken51d ago

This is shaping up to be on of PG's best selling titles yet!

Ratchet7550d ago

Well deserved Astral. 👏👏

King_Noctis50d ago

Congrats to Platinum. They had made a great game.

Gemmol50d ago

Well deserve just finish file 6 I’m at 16 hours

I’m doing okay but I wish I do better I got 16 out of 17 red cases and 16 out of 17 blue cases in file 6

I try to do everything for each file

King_Noctis50d ago

I wish they would make additional cases as DLC though. I would love to play this for a long time.

Gemmol49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I was thinking the same thing the other day they could keep it going but I can see the appeal of waiting for another game also

To many games coming out maybe by time part 2 we have more time and less backlog