Hitman raises his head but how good are the Xbox Games With Gold freebies for September 2019?

Carlos writes: "With Gamescom having just gone and Halloween starting to appear on the horizon, it can only mean that ‘the horror-days are coming’. Man of Medan and Blair Witch are now both here to scare the living daylights out of all who dare come near, and so it’s hard to think you should be focusing on anything else. But let’s not get hasty as first of all we still have all those free games to look through courtesy of the Xbox Games With Gold program for September 2019. So let’s dive straight in and see whether or not you should be bothering with the latest batch of Xbox Games With Gold freebies."

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Jimboms1485d ago

To be honest getting Hitman for free is really good. That game has so much replayability.

TheProfessional1484d ago

"Hitman raises his head" What a terrible and poorly written title for an article.

littletad1484d ago

Most of the "staff" of these websites are freelance writers or college kids. None of them are paid to write, only promised exposure or some money revenue if advertisement deals are made. College graduates or those with masters are only paid "well" in major publications like IGN or even Kotaku. Though it's never the main gig. So you'll never see top quality writing in 80 percent of these news submissions. Sorry for the random detail, I just used to be like you lol.

1484d ago
TheProfessional1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Haha appreciate the reply, what you said makes a lot of sense. It's just damn even for a middle school graduate that's poor writing.

gamer78041484d ago

I'm not a big fan of hitman so not a great month for me

FanboySpotter1484d ago

Damn. Blair Witch, hitman(i had on ps4) and then gears 5 in a few days? Gamepass Ultimate is cool af

isarai271d ago

Satisfying visual feedback, so many games have lost this principle and it's sad. Almost everything you do has an interesting and Satisfying reaction, making everything physics based is the key to that, watching everything fly, crumble, and react to your weapons, and slowly increasing you weapons capabilities to do so to an absurd degree, just keeps ramping up the satisfaction of how good it feels to play this game.

Nitrowolf2271d ago

Games are great, they may not be the greatest visually, but man do they really push the hardware they’re on cpu wise

RetroCaptainSteve271d ago

I'm a big fan of how you can blow buildings apart with no consequence. :D


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