Activision Files Patent For What Sounds Like a New Guitar Hero Game

Activision has filed a new patent at the United States Patent Office for what sounds like a new Guitar Hero game for consoles and PC.

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XiNatsuDragnel1184d ago

Guitar hero I'm scared because of Activision.

BiggCMan1184d ago

Ooh, pretty please!! I'm sure very few people even care about this but I really do man. I love Guitar Hero so damn much. Probably one of my favorite games in the world. I just feel so happy and relaxed playing these games, I still play today even. It's the ultimate chill game for me. I play something on PC called Clone Hero that is a community driven Guitar Hero style game. People put in their own custom songs for you to download, and there is even the full Guitar Hero catalogue to download for it as well as Rock Band games. All in one single package, I love it. I really loved Guitar Hero Live as well, I thought it was such a cool idea. Real shame it didn't last or do very well. But I hope this news turns out to be true cuz I would love to see a second return.

Summons751182d ago

Featuring five songs and over one thousand dlc titles...knowing Activision.

AK911182d ago

I guess Activision needs that one Big IP since they lost Destiny.

King_Noctis1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Just think of all the glorious microtransaction they can add to this game. A new guitar for $9.99. Oh you want that red string to go with that new red guitar? You can get that string now for the cheap price of $1.99. Or how about that song Bang Your Head, which is not originally in the game? Get it now at the sale price of $4.99.

Quite frankly I’m surprised Activision hasn’t picked this up sooner.