The Fallout 76 players who started an art gallery in the wasteland

As it turns out, there are some surprises when exploring Appalachia, even 25 years after being annihilated by nuclear bombs. Sometimes you’ll come across a creature you thought was only a myth, but turns out to be an alien from another galaxy. Or maybe you’ll uncover a cult that worships a local legend. What you might not expect to find is a group of vault dwellers standing around admiring a bunch of art installations, gazing thoughtfully at each other’s avant-garde use of Fallout 76’s base-building system. This is “1x1x76”, the first art exhibition created in Bethesda’s multiplayer wasteland.

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diepdiep698d ago

That's neat that he thought of this by accident and invited some creative players to make their own rooms. They all have their own unique themes.

Jimboms698d ago

It was so cool to see, all the people involved were super friendly too.