Catherine: Full Body Review & Bonus Editorial – An Improved Masterpiece | Gamer Horizon

Emotional and provocative, Catherine: Full Body connects with the player’s emotions like nothing else.

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Chumdiddy1761d ago

I'm glad fans have this title but I've never understood the love for this game. To me it's a pretty repetitive and not-that-good puzzle game with a somewhat erotic anime shell.

It advertises itself with the girls. A couple versions of the cover have been very PG-13 and then it's just an anime with a weird puzzle game as the gameplay.

Bizzare to me but we need bizarre. I'm glad it's still going strong.


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MadLad769d ago

Bought Catherine.
Never played the new content.

coolfool769d ago

Can anyone recommend anything from this list?

SonyStyled769d ago

4 dollars a game in the Ezio collection isn’t bad if you last played them over ten years ago, but now in 4k for some great memories.

hiawa23768d ago

I just loaded up $30 worth on my favs that I don't own on the the Playstation like all of the Pacman, Ms Pacman, retro like Digdug. Good stuff.

gold_drake768d ago

definitely went for Catherine, such a good game

badz149768d ago

not seeing this sale on the Asian PSn. is this only for the western market?

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