Amazon Switch Digital Game Sale: Save Up To 70% Off

Daily Video Game writes: "Today Amazon has just kicked off a digital game sale for Nintendo Switch gamers, slashing up to 70% off on several digital first-party and third-party Switch titles!"

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CyberSentinel1072d ago

When will N4G put a stop to this solicitation?
Is DVG paying N4G for these “Amazon Sales”?
Is Amazon paying N4G for theses ads?
If not, they should be. This is free advertising.

VoiceMale1072d ago

get back to me when nintendo first party games ever go on sale .....

septemberindecember1072d ago

There are some first party games on sale rn, but it's by 30% so they are still around $40.

FallenAngel19841071d ago

I’ll give a shit when you can get Nintendo games for under $20


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