Killzone 2 uses the SIXAXIS while you use your sniper

PS3-Sense writes "The open beta of Killzone 2 kicked off a few weeks ago and this also means we are getting some more information about the game. The SIXAXIS controller also has its integration in the game but then on a special kind of way. If you are using your sniper in Killzone 2 you need to keep your controller 'steady' to get a nice and good aim. If you move the controller, your sniper will be dancing across your screen."

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PoSTedUP4052d ago

think that heavenly sword has the best use of the sixaxis to date, even though i love the sixaxis for flying around in warhawk, heavenly sword is just epic, ah man i love that game.

Fishy Fingers4052d ago

Ah, I still remember the first time I picked up a dead body and throw it slo-mo style with the Sixaxis. Good times. Shame there was no multiplayer, could of had a lot of fun throwing with friends :)

callahan094052d ago

This is a cool feature. It makes good sense.

shingo4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I swear this is a ****** excellent game. The gameplay IS just as epic as the graphics and sounds. For the first time in ages, I turn off my PS3 and get that urge of missing a game so bad and wanting to go back to play it. SERIOUS, REAL FUN. Guerilla Games has done something very astonishing to the PS3. Day 0 purchase! :D

NO_PUDding4052d ago

No, Folklore has the best Sixaxis use.

And there's still tons of games yet to go.

HighDefinition4052d ago


BTW, I can`t wait for FlOwer

solidt124052d ago

I still play HS sometimes just to use the after touch sixaxis with the crossbow. I love it.

Real Gambler4052d ago

Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Flow, Motorstorm, all great twists. And now this one, which is truly a nice twist as well.

Sadly, we won't see much use in multiplatform, but hopefully, in the future, we should see devs using this feature often. Crossing fingers.

Irving4052d ago

MGS4 has the best use of Sixaxis, bouncing boobs by shaking controller :p

remanutd554052d ago

am i the only one who thinks ratchet and clank tools of destruction makes the best use of sixaxis till today, i love it in heavenly sword, motorstorm, mgs4,uncharted , not so much in my favorite online multiplayer ps3 game: warhawk.

Rythrine4052d ago

Sixaxis with High Velocity Bowling was pretty clever as well.

PoSTedUP4052d ago

yea that was cool in folklore, but i had much more fun flying arrows into peoples heads multiple times be for they drop in slow motion.

@ real gambler- they use it in most ps3 games, MLB08 the show, folklore, resistance, uncharted etc.

@ remadnt- the ony thing i remember from R&C is when your falling/sky diving you use the 6axis to move out of the way of objects.

The Matrix4052d ago

This is a bad idea. I know I get emotional when I'm about to get a head shot and I want to move the controller in the same direction as the analog stick when I'm aiming.

The sixaxis can be fun to use but not to interfere with normal gameplay.

remanutd554051d ago

did you really play ratchet and clank tools of destruction or just the demo from psn? cuz if you want to unlock doors in tools of destruction you need to use the sixaxis, you use sixaxis to control the tornado launcher too

pixelsword4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

And Clank's gliding

Not just the HALO jumps and tornado gun.

Seriously, though; the aftertouch in Heavenly Sword is the best use of motion controls. Even Dark Sector tried to emulate it.

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masterofpwnage4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

wow thats kool.

i thought at first it will suck wen i read the title
but wen i actually read it its pretty kool
know its up to u to keep the sniper steady


Panthers4052d ago

That is cool. If the sixaxis was more accurate and tight, I would say do that with all the guns crosshairs.

thor4052d ago

Another great use of sixaxis. Other good examples:

MGS4 - if you got too excited when hiding and you shook your controller up and down, your octocamo would turn off and you'd get spotted.
R&C - loads of minigames and litle things that really make a novel use of sixaxis.
Heavenly Sword - I thought this was really well done, even if it got a bit irritating at times.

This is probably the best use I've seen.

Tacki4052d ago

While I only played the demo, I do think Folklore used the sixaxis controls rather well. Though most of the time I think developers just tack on these motion controls. It's nice to see GG using it in what seems to be an interesting way. As long as it doesn't making aiming a real chore.

That sniper rifle in Killzone 2 is crazy good too. I don't know if that have different damage settngs in the beta but I've seen footage where one shot takes down opponents regardless of where they're hit. Seems like it could be a little TOO good... but then again I'm not in the beta. Maybe someone who is could share their thoughts on the game's sniper weapon?

thor4052d ago

Yep forgot about Folklore, there's another excellent use for sixaxis.

I'm not in the KZ2 beta, but I believe that KZ2 has an actual health system (shocking I know) so that the person who got shot in the leg or whatever and died might have had low health to begin with.

Warhawk has a 1-shot-kill-anywhere sniper rifle, but that's fair because it's so hard to use.

sinncross4052d ago

u cud also do the MGS4 thing during cutscenes... thats always cool :)

and Folklore was quite clever, but from what ive gathered in Killzone 2 the sixaxis is being used in cool ways.

First using the controller to turn valves, and now used to steady aim.

This is exactly how the sixaxis was meant to be used.. to compliment game play, not control it.

xhi44052d ago

this game just keeps on getting better and better........... ITS SO FRUSTRATING LOL

Bren864052d ago

I didn't notice this in the beta