Games That Exceeded the Highest of Hypes

Nick writes: "Hype sells millions of games every year. Hype builds anticipation for gamers around the world, in tens of different languages who live completely different lifestyles both culturally and financially. Hype can disappoint, as well as help deliver on an incredible experience.

The following games, despite their incredible marketing campaigns, trailers and cultural excitement, still delivered on being some of the best games ever made. They exceeded the highest levels of hype possible and lived to tell the tale."

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ArchangelMike50d ago

Man you have to add TLOU to that list. I still remember the E32012 gameplay demo. The hype after that showing was big, but it wasn't at stupid levels; but when the game launched the hype train went into super sonic overdrive.

CYALTR47d ago

Personally I would add Witcher 3 to the list as well