Top 10 Times Video Games Got Political

Saying games aren't political can be a cop out. Especially when so many handle them well. Like these ten are great games with political elements.

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Jimboms627d ago

I think Modern Warfare was the first time I really thought about politics because of games.

NecrumOddBoy627d ago

I'd say Bioshock. 2007 was deep.

Smokehouse627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Bioshock is my GOAT and is also the best political themed game of all time.

Leeroyw627d ago

They should run an article of every time video game websites got political.

Oh wait. That's most times.

627d ago
AK91627d ago

I could've sworn I already read this article a couple months ago.

ChrisW627d ago

I'm super surprised that Goat Simulator didn't make the list!!!