Is Sony Secretly Crafting Its Own Minecraft

Microsoft has Minecraft. Epic has Fortnite. When it talks about releasing multiplatform games, Sony is wanting a juggernaut of its own.

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THC CELL52d ago

Sony has lbp and dreams. Yet not multiple platforms

Sonyslave352d ago

Never going to be as big as Minecraft or fortnite.

THC CELL52d ago

U just started 2 mp games, of course, they will be bigger.

Dreams will make people money one day.

Mr Pumblechook51d ago

TITLE: 'Is Sony Secretly Crafting Its Own Minecraft?' (I added the question mark).
ARTICLE CONCLUSION: 'Is ReadySet Heroes the next Minecraft or Fortnite? Probably not.'

rainslacker51d ago

Considering minecraft and fortnite have sold more than there are ps consoles, then I'd say that's probably true.

In any case, the more the merrier. They all offer different things.

I think dreams could be huge on PC, and I do hope Sony at least has the creator program on there as I think it would be easier for some people who are use to pc production to use.

RangerWalk26751d ago

It will never be close, but I'm sure it'll still be good in it's own right. I'll definitely check it out

badz14951d ago


"Considering minecraft and fortnite have sold more than there are ps consoles,..."

Minecraft has sold like 176mil units and Fortnite is F2P with MT. so no total unit sold.'re way off there as there are over 550mil PS consoles and portables sold since the PS1. not even Tetris has sold THAT much

rainslacker50d ago


So, Sony has 176 million PS4 consoles sold? Maybe I should have been specific that I meant current gen.

As far as Fortnite, I guess if you want to get technical, then yeah, it's not a sold copy, but there are more players than there are current gen PS4's.

Maybe I'm way off because symantically I didn't really define what I was talking about, but I am not off in what I was trying to say.

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specialguest51d ago

LBP will never come even a mile of Minecraft success even if it was on every platform. My nephews are hooked on minecraft for 3 years to date. Before minecraft, they played LBP for about 2 months and lost interest. Dream will not make a dent on Minecrafts success. The simplicity of Minecraft to start building is one of the major factors in its success that got millions of kids hooked

51d ago
Concertoine51d ago

Yup, in most creation games i find myself usually playing the audience role. Minecraft is the only game which was straightforward and open-ended enough that i spent dozens of hours building genuinely impressive things.

sushimama52d ago

Don't try and tell us want Sony wants Cheatcc, everyone knows your site is pure garbage. Just keep digging for clicks you scum

Snookies1251d ago

Apparently your disagrees are still caught up in the delusion, lol. This site is garbage.

ShadowWolf71251d ago

Remember when Cheat Code Central was actually a place we went to look up cheat codes?

I remember...

Zeref51d ago

It was one of the best sites for cheat codes.

SolidGamerX51d ago

It would never work and never be as successful as Minecraft is, they'd be better off not trying.

Applejack51d ago

To be fair, most likely nothing will be as successful as Minecraft is so that’s not saying much.

Summons7551d ago

Dragon Quest Builders is doing a hell of a good job and it's leaps and bounds better.

Abnor_Mal51d ago

What if Sony had that mindset after the split with Nintendo,, the world would be deprived of the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4.

sprinterboy51d ago

Agree, better to find and make a game with what the nxt craze will be imo

rainslacker51d ago

If that's the case no one should try. Minecraft has the largest community in the world.

Just because it's the biggest doesn't mean it has to be the only one. If that were the case, then wow would be the only MMO, and LOL would be the only RTS. The sims would be the only....whatever it is

There's room in the market for more than one contender, and one doesn't have to beat the other to be successful.

Zeref51d ago

Minecraft is literally the 2nd best selling game on the planet. Of all time, Just under tetris. 3rd place is not even close.

Wow was big but not Minecraft big. It's like Facebook or YouTube.. They're never gonna die.

rainslacker50d ago

And does that mean no one else should try to make another successful product?

frostypants51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

They're not saying Sony should actually make a Minecraft clone. Do you people even read beyond the headline? They're saying Sony doesn't have a multiplatform hit. Maybe they could just buy one, like MS did with Minecraft. If they feel the need. It's a pretty stupid article.

SolidGamerX51d ago

If you have an issue with the way people are commenting perhaps you should take it up with the person who you feel inaccurately titled the article.

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xVOLTx51d ago

Minecraft happened at the right time and it'll never happen again.

sprinterboy51d ago

I agree somewhat but disagree it won't happen again.
There rare granted but every 10 years 1 comes along.

timotim51d ago

That's an interesting ambition if true. I know PS4 has Dreams, and they've tried to break into that realm in the past with LBP and even ModNation and PS Home being this big environment for gamers to collaborate with each other and expand on the world in interesting ways that could be monetized. In order to pull that off however, Sony would need to embrace both a multiplatform release on mostly non PS hardware and crossplay with all platforms. Games like Minecraft, Fornite and Roblox are as big as they are because they are everywhere...consoles, PC, mobile, in the classrooms etc. Sony will need to put this game there as well on all the store fronts day and date.

mkis00751d ago

If they do it, dreams is the game to go for it with.

timotim51d ago

Maybe tough to translate Dreams to other platforms and input types. But if that's the one, I say go for it!

rainslacker51d ago

Dreams makes the most sense. The content that can be created can be varied enough to attract everyone. The content creation is already a big hobbyist activity on PC, and there is a lot of talent there.

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