EA Being Sued For $10m Over SecuROM

Negative Gamer writes:

"Is the inclusion of SecuROM with games such as Spore actually illegal? It looks like we may soon find out as two more individuals have joined Melissa Thomas and filed class-action lawsuits against EA."

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dexterwang3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I feel sorry for EA... they added securom to protect from pirates but the pirates cracked it in less then a day. So all they have left is a program that hassles people who actually pays for it, meanwhile pirates can enjoy the game hassle free and without the need to put in the DVD to play as well... talk about promoting piracy... sigh

ThanatosDMC3631d ago

You also dont need a cd/dvd for spore if you use EA download manager.

psnDevistator3563631d ago

The Pirates are going to crack if they want. The problem is that companies like EA are making pirates known, putting the idea in peoples heads to look into it.

moe843631d ago

This won't last long.

Bolts3631d ago

Its useless for preventing piracy. These days most people who pirate do not burn games, they get them from the Internet and it doesn't matter what protection you have, the real pirates will crack it like an egg.

DeadlyFire3631d ago

There is only one solution to Piracy. Make everything around a MMO format. They don't often get pirated if at all. When is the last time you heard that someone Pirated World of Warcraft?

spiderobert3630d ago

@ Fanboi
i agree

@ Deadlyfire
have you ever heard of a private server?
right there, that is pirating World of Warcraft, so yes, i have heard of people pirating it :P.
although I do understand your point, charging people to play games wouldn't work, there are always ways around things, and that would actually piss people off more than Securom 0_o;

user39158003631d ago

Yes, they deserved to be on trial for the pirates they really are. They just want your money, I mean who will sale you a product that will mess up your computer? EA. They want to stop piracy, but they are the real pirates that does not tell you that you have been had, take this free software and by the way you don't need to know that's been poison.

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The story is too old to be commented.