Predator: Hunting Grounds Details

Predator: Hunting Grounds was unveiled at Gamescom 2019. It was first announced back in May, but now we have some footage to look at. Below are the

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Juiceid27d ago

These guys can keep their mp only crap

BQ3227d ago

Awww, do you need a binky? How dare they make a mp game and not cater to your individual preferences. Someone is grumpy mp doesn't have an easy mode.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence27d ago

MP-only is lazy and seriously lacks content over complete games. How dare somebody have a different opinion than you, right?

L7CHAPEL27d ago

If you can play with friends, hunting down the predator as a bot, with scaling difficulty, how would that not be good for sales of the game and the general public?... but you go ahead and keep getting your self-esteem from playing video games,
Some of us have played Ninja gaiden all of the dark souls games etc, and this isn't a question of difficulty or an easy mode whatsoever,
it's simply a preferred playstyle.

we neither have time, inclination or give a shit about competing against other people, for the most part.

maybe when you get a little older you understand that...

WickedLester27d ago

Considering the glut of single player games we have on PS4, I think it's ok to have a mp only game from time to time.

UltimateRacer27d ago

Looking forward to this game, loved playing online in Alien vs Predator back on the PS3.

L7CHAPEL27d ago

" other Eminem's"... ?
I didn't know his skills translated into the battlefield...