Console wars make us human

We have literally evolved to wage these kind of wars against each other. Here's why.

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King_Noctis665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Uh no. Console war is immature and is toxic to the gaming community, and as journalists and gaming outlets, they should have not pushed and glorify this.

There is no law in any countries thay state you can own only one console and go badmouthing the other consoles that you don’t own. It is toxic, promoting hate, and does nothing to help the industry.

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DaDrunkenJester665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Console "wars" is not inherently a negative thing, it just means you have competing companies who have loyal fans. The competition pushes the companies to continue to innovate. The problem does arise however, when fanbases take the term "war" to an unhealthy level and demonize a platform and their fans and refuse to like anything on it or acknowledge something good just because.

Its fairly normal to have a preference or even a bit of bias, but when the bias is so strong you cant even enjoy GOOD games on another platform is when you may want to re-evaluate yourself as a true gamer lol

Edit: and sometimes the "war" can be used for good and help force companies to reverse some bad decisions and replace some senior staff that were running things into the ground *cough* Xbox *cough*

Unspoken664d ago

Are you the only one who read the article?

DaDrunkenJester664d ago


Maybe? But in today's world I'm not surprised at all that people only read headlines and then make assumptions.

2pacalypsenow665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Shut up.

It’s not any different than rooting for a sports team.

no one roots for the entire league

King_Noctis665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Except people can root for more than just one sport team, and alot of them are, if not all. People on this site? Well you know how things are here. You are one of the biggest PS4 fan out there. You can’t have good conversations here if it is not relating to a certain console. And this is what annoying about this stupid “console war”.

Atom666665d ago

That's my favorite.

You know the biggest difference? You will never find a more outspoken critic of a particular sports team than its biggest fans.

Not so much with gaming. Some act like they lose their membership card if they dare to say anything that remotely goes against the hive.

Meanwhile, sports fans are criticizing the play calls in the opening series of the first preseason game.

Console warriors sound like bandwagon fans- uninformed and insecure cheerleaders.

Inzo665d ago

"Console war is immature and is toxic"

Nah, people must stop being so damn sensitive, you just have to realise that the "console war" isnt a real thing. For the most part all these companies sit around the same table.

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addictedtochaos665d ago

No, console wars make people dumb.

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Peekayboo665d ago

Well consoles are made for dumb people, Just like Apple products.

sagapo665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Why Apple products?

Peekayboo664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

When you buy something from Apple, you're locking yourself into their eco system for that device in the same way you would got a console. You're trading off freedom over your hardware and software for a tailor experience catering to people that are technologically illiterate.

Kiwi66665d ago

I thought we evolved to become smarter

Kabaneri665d ago

2020 is gonna be a civil war on N4G new consoles AND an election.

Tross665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Remind me to stay as far on the fringe of that dumpster fire as humanly possible. I suppose if I had sense I wouldn't be here period, but doing more worthwhile things is for people with lives, so...I'll probably still be here in 2020, and possibly contributing to that dumpster fire...because apparently hypocrisy is the spice of life these days.

mogwaii665d ago

It's called integrity, you're welcome.

Smokehouse665d ago

All I know is that people that say anything negative about sony around here disappear faster than Clinton associates.

It’s fun to talk shit, joke around and troll. The fanatics who take it personal and get ultra butthurt ruin any kind of entertainment value a console war might have. And there are plenty of those people. As is, the console wars are pretty much worthless these days. The market is massive and sales do more to influence the industry than any forum shit talk. I think you overestimate the relevance of this outdated concept in terms of marketing as well.

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