Super Mario Bros. 3 vs Super Mario World: Which is Actually Better?

You can't say Nintendo without thinking about Mario. Its two most iconic 2D games are Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Which is the best?

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Nintendew519d ago

Tie for me.
Like asking which cereal is best, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Cookie Crisp?

Mario 3 I love due to its items and secrets.
Super Mario I love due to its hidden stages, gave us yoshi.

Personally, still waiting for Mario 3: Act 2.

PhoenixUp519d ago

“Personally, still waiting for Mario 3: Act 2.”

The e-Reader levels in Super Mario Advance 4 and New Super Mario Bros 2 is the closest you’ll ever get to that

Nintendew519d ago

Figured Mario Maker but forgot about ereader.
Still have hope.

JEECE519d ago

It's so obviously 3 for me that I find it surprising that this is such a debate.

Tross519d ago

For my Super Mario World will forever be the greatest Mario title, but 3 is a pretty great game in its own right.

Petebloodyonion519d ago

For me, it's a no-contest
Super Mario 3 hands down
I still call this game the best 2d platformer ever made.
1) lots of minigames like the toad house, the memory games, the hammer fights, old Mario bros battle, etc.
2) tons of power-up, Tanoki, Hammer Bros, Frog, P wing, cloud, a damn boot, raccoon plus the original
3) The angry sun (come on, it was more terrifying compared to the giant Boo)
4) Better Secrets, I disagree with the article here, finding an alternative exit is cool but it's nothing compared to learning how to make appear a floating house or turning a Hammer Bros into a coins ship. And let's be honest How many of us taught that we were cool because we knew where to catch the 1st flute tks to the Wizzard?

Nintendew519d ago

Holding down a few seconds on a white block to drop threw it on stage 3 world 1, finding my first blue toad house and the boot, yes the boot. That was awesome.

Chard519d ago

World, easily. Possibly my all-time favourite game.

SMB3's levels are crazy short.

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The story is too old to be commented.