When Did Nintendo Become So Cool With Adult Games?

Nintendo maintained a family-friendly appearance for the longest time, but things have been changing lately.

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THC CELL25d ago

Since they found out it will get all perverts on and make money

King_Noctis25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Or maybe censorship is wrong? Ever realize that?

Knushwood Butt25d ago

Yes, Nintendo is doing this to make the world a better place.

Remove all wrongs.

Thanks Nintendo.

King_Noctis25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


Sure they are. Soon they will be the one who cure cancer and solve the world’s hunger issue.

I wonder if this was Sony, what would you have said?

Knushwood Butt25d ago

Seen as you raise the topic of Sony.

Sony is the evil one here. Do you see me defending them?

DarXyde25d ago


Actually, Sony did try to help in curing cancer via [email protected]

And people made fun of them for it during the formative years when the PS3 had limited software; the Xbox fanboys would say things to PS3 gamers like, "Go fold and print", a reference to [email protected] and PS3's ability to hook up to a printer.

VariantAEC22d ago

Censorship is wrong but in my experience talking to people who are huge Nintendo fans in late life... Most are perverts. It could be just where I live... But I doubt it because I've been around the US as well as run into many foreign gamers too and many adult Nintendo only gamers are strange.

VariantAEC22d ago


The funny thing is Sony might actually have a shot at curing cancer as they have a medical division unlike Nintendo.
Now to be fair Sony's medical equipment has nothing to do with PlayStation but you brought up Sony...
Most people do not know PlayStation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony but the company is given near full autonomy from Sony.

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cleft525d ago

There are no adult games on the Nintendo platform. There are some mature titles. Thankfully, Nintendo isnt behaving like they are people parents/guardians and being overprotective of them. We have a ratings board and adult games arent allowed on console platforms. That enough, we dont need Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft censoring games on top of the ESRB. What Sony is doing is just disgusting and makes me sad.

DarXyde24d ago


I still sleep just fine. Censorship of gore in a horror title might be offputting, but I really am indifferent toward censoring sexual content. I have no skin in that game, so my opinion only goes so far.

Cmoney00724d ago

What is Sony thinking? This is the main problem that I have with them, and it needs to be fixed. These are mature games for a reason.

VariantAEC22d ago

Agreed. I have played a few pervy titles on Vita during about 5 years after it launched but they weren't my cup of tea so I did what any reasonable person does when they don't like games. I didn't buy any other titles in those franchises.
PlayStation choosing now to censor these titles is pretty dumb as they never were a problem in the past, they clearly didn't hurt PlayStation's reputation and if people don't like them they can do what I did and not buy them.

AK9125d ago (Edited 25d ago )

To be fair they've been doing it for a while it's just that game journalists and Nintentoddlers ignored those games because it would break their perfect (and completely imaginary) vision of Ninty.

VariantAEC22d ago

Since late in Wii U's lifecycle? Yeah that's less than 10 years ago. Meanwhile PlayStation only just started censoring aspects of these games as recently as last year in its 25 year history.

shingojacky25d ago

so they didn't need sales before?

Neonridr24d ago

@awdevoftw - so they needed sales after the Wii U? They didn't make a boatload off 3DS sales or anything? Do you know how much Nintendo is actually worth?

porkChop25d ago

Since they released the Switch. Nintendo's overall attitude has changed for the better.

VariantAEC22d ago

Nearly obliterating your reputation and losing all your cash reserves will do that to a company.
Wii U's collosal failure changed Nintendo for the better.

TheColbertinator25d ago

Sex sells. Nintendo is a business.

VariantAEC22d ago

Remember when Nintendo dabbled in "Love hotels"?
Uh yeah, that is actually a part of their history!

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