Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Have More Cheats on PC Than on Consoles

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is bringing angsty teens to modern platforms on the 3rd September, and it's coming equipped with several cheats. These cheats include: triple game speed, no random encounters, and the ability to max out your hit points and ATB gauge in battle. However, it's come to light that the PC version of the remaster will offer a suite of additional cheats which won't be available in the console release.

CrimsonWing691792d ago

Ok... why? Like how do you come to a decision where you give one platform way more features/options than another and think that’s a great idea?

Juusterey1792d ago

why?i mean i don't want them in the first place, but why?

Elda1792d ago

That's fine I'm buying it for the Pro.

NarooN1792d ago

Didn't this game already get "remastered" before lol? What's special/new about this version?

CosmicTurtle1792d ago

No. It has never been rereleased to my knowledge. Certainly not remastered.

1792d ago
Snookies121791d ago

Didn't the PC version on Steam get released with updated character models? That's somewhat of a Remaster, I suppose.

BrainSyphoned1792d ago

The port PC version has cheats so that may be what you are thinking of.

CrimsonWing691791d ago

You may want to do some due diligence.

Knightofelemia1791d ago

The game was cleaned up to look better so was 7 and 9 as for a total remaster no this is the first time

NarooN1791d ago

Yeah that's what I was referring to. That release was sometimes referred to as a "remaster" which is a term that gets used so loosely that it could mean a lot of things. I mean technically that release was cleaned up and in HD resolution, so it was a remaster. They're working on an actual full remake now which is why this title confused me

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SegaSaturn6691792d ago

I don't want cheats enabled by default in my game -- especially when it takes a button press to enable them.

Juusterey1792d ago

especially when that button is an easily hittable button on the back of the controller

SegaSaturn6691792d ago

Exactly. They disable trophies, too. I just feel it ruins the original feeling of the game to have a win button always at your disposal. Let us have a special "easy mode" to select at the beginning of the game if people want it.

Wintersun6161791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )


The FF VII remaster on PS4 had similar cheats, and it didn't bother me. If you ask me, the triple speed cheat especially is a welcome feature, when grinding for levels. Same goes for the no encounters cheat in some sections, where the enemies are under leveled to the point they're a nuisance and a waste of time. Those two cheats don't do much to ruin the feel of the game to me and I'm glad they're there. The rest of the cheats I would never use in a serious playthrough, and no one is forcing you to.

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Final Fantasy Games That Deserve the Remake Treatment

Final Fantasy has a long running history with numerous numbered titles and spin-offs, but which games stand to benefit from a remake?

gold_drake211d ago

i feel like all of them.
well except 2 haha.

shinoff2183210d ago

Agreed. Ff2 though can be made better, so it's not entirely a lost cause. Ff8 will gets its time. I do wish they'd do the old ones. From ff10 and up those ones still hold up pretty well.

kevco33210d ago

Honestly, I've always felt that VII and up 'hold up well' in that regard. The early 3D games just needed a cosmetic update. But the FFVII Remake is so different to the original in execution that a lot of games could be done in a similar fashion and feel far more modern.

I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing (that depends on your personal preference!), just that they could feel very different.

shinoff2183209d ago

Kevco I liked remake but I think your right. Idda been happy with a 1 to 1 remake that looked like ever crisis to. Or both

I'd just love I square would one day give us a turned based one with today's graphics. I can't really think of a jrpg that does that.