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Xbox One's Game Pass Ultimate Deal Gets You 2 Months For $2

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft's premium service for Xbox One owners, is cheaper to try right now as part of a limited-time offer for new subscribers. At Gamescom Microsoft announced that DMC V, Dead Cells, Blair Witch, and even more games would be joining the ever growing library of games on Xbox GamePass.

Microsoft first announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at E3 2019, and it's been ramping up its offerings for the subscription ever since. Game Pass Ultimate combines Xbox Live Gold, a service that gets you free monthly games and exclusive discounts, with Game Pass for both Xbox One and PC, which grants you unlimited access to a huge library of games, with new games added regularly.

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Community1759d ago
lxeasy1759d ago

This is a steal, no reason not to get it!

lxeasy1759d ago

It really is an amazing deal, and with games like Devil May Cry V, Monster Hunter, Metro Exodus on the service to keep you occupied until Gears 5, Outer Worlds release in a couple days. What better time to get it.

Bnet3431759d ago

Want to know something else they just added DMC5. I was shocked to see it on there so soon damnnnn. Def getting game pass for Gears 5 he he he....

lxeasy1759d ago

Yeah I started my playthrough on DMC V! It's awesome!

Genuine-User1759d ago

Can I get this deal if I have an active gold account?

lxeasy1759d ago

For members who have an active Gold account its even better. You get it for 1 $ and you no longer have to pay for your Gold or GamePass until your Gold runs out. So I suggest going for it.

Genuine-User1759d ago

That's great. So I get two months for £1?

lxeasy1759d ago

You get Gamepass for even longer with your gold account for £1!!

Kribwalker1759d ago

buy a couple years of live and it will stack them together for the $2. I’m set till january 2022 right now

Kavorklestein1758d ago

I am also good for a long while Haha. Talk about showing some love for the early adopters of GP Ultimate!

AngainorG7X1759d ago

A great deal for the best service!

sander97021759d ago

Pro tip for everyone getting this is to get 3 months of PC gamepass first and then upgrade to Ultimate, that way for a combined price of like $7 you get 5 months of ultimate.

TK-661758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

You'd be a fool not to jump on this. It basically nets you over a months play with Gears 5 and many more titles for an incredibly low price. Blair Witch comes out this month too so it's a no brainer.

akaFullMetal1759d ago

Great deal like the others, just wonder how Microsoft makes money on this. I guess they are looking for exposure and hopefully people continue to sub after the one dollar months.

lxeasy1759d ago

Well if you look at there quarterly earnings recently and how they made over 10 Billion dollars on Xbox. They did state people are keeping their memberships with Gamepass due to a high satisfaction rate.

Kavorklestein1758d ago

They are making plenty of money, and more importantly they are GAINING fans and people who are enjoying all types of games on THEIR service. Word of mouth and satisfied gamers is a good way to get some of the best publicity.
Hope MS can maintain this insane value and that many more good 1st party titles are on the way!

Happy Gaming my friends!

Julion07151759d ago

Easy If you get a million ppl to get gamepass for a 1$ that’s a million dollars right there man lmao

Ricegum1759d ago

But surely they'd have to pay developers to have the games on the service. There's no way theyre making money on this.

Great deal regardless.

rainslacker1758d ago

It's an introductory offer. Ms plans for this are long term, and the more they capture now, the easier itll be in the future.

Its losing money right now, but think of it as a marketing budget. They front the cost now, in the hopes that itll net a return profit later.

franwex1758d ago

You pretty much nailed it. Maybe short term they aren’t making much money, but long term they are hoping that people remain engaged.

I was meh in the beginning with game pass, but as time has gone on I’ve been pretty happy with it. I was planning on canceling my subscription after the trail, but now I think I may keep it. I don’t subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, or any video streaming because I simply don’t watch anything. I game.
For the same price I get to play all these games.
Maybe it’s not for everyone, but if you find the vaule it is very well worth it.

SyntheticForm1759d ago

Definitely a good deal. I've found quite a few gems during my time with Game Pass. Glad I have it.

lxeasy1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Same, can't wait to try out Dead Cells, I heard great things about it. Currently playing through DMC V and loving it.