PS3 exclusive game Quantum Theory new screenshots

Quantum Theory is an upcoming video game by Tecmo for the PS3. The game centers around two characters named Syd and Fillena who must fight through a "living tower." The games art style is similar to Gears Of War, and like that game, Quantum Theory will feature a similar cover system. A unique twist to the cover system however is that the tower is "living" and thus constantly adding and taking away ideal cover locations.

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heyheyhey4047d ago

i like the art direction... character models look stiff though

CloudsEnd4047d ago

Indeed. I like the enviroment.

elorm94047d ago

Just so you guys know, I added another source with the screenshots in them

olivia4047d ago

but it's a working progress wait a couple more months to really make it's the first third person shooter the ps3 have thats gotta be cool.reminds me of gears of war,well when it's showing some graphical power that is.

Deviant4047d ago

bad quality screens.
Moreover i hate such stereotype figures :-/

heyheyhey4047d ago

yeah the main character is a bit "Gears of War" isn't he in his butch physique

i just hope the melee and magic combat differentiates this game from GeOW and provides more variety in that style of cover gameplay

really need more gameplay details before we can make any judgments though

for now at least we'll probably be hearing "GeOW clone" from the myriad of 360 fanboys that will inevitably come to troll

gaffyh4047d ago

Looks pretty good, but not as good as GeoW imo. However I hope it is more than run to an area, kill everyone, run to the next area etc. gameplay.

Tomdc4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

From what I've seen it looks great! Like gears of war but with new gameply twists. The "living tower" idea excites me if they can do that well.

sonyjunky2794047d ago

I think it looks a little gay, I can absolutely see this turning into a game like devil may cry 4

Fishy Fingers4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Cant you be a little more descriptive than "gay".

HD trailer if interested, looks good (CGI):

Foxgod4047d ago

Dont hype this too quickly, even Ninja Gaiden, which looks a hell lot better then this didnt score very high (Tecmo game).

uie4rhig4047d ago

anyone know if this is CGI or in game?

gaffyh4047d ago

^It looks in-game to me (well atleast in engine)

L Ronald Hubbard4047d ago

Incorrect. Team Ninja developed Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo published the game. :/

Socom4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Team Ninja IS Tecmo, boy.

Lmao thats like saying Project Soul is a different developer than Namco.

As for this game, its looking good so far. If they can make the action like Resistance 2, this will be a good game.

Lifendz4047d ago

seems like Sony is really starting to come with the thunder. A little more detail in the characters' faces and the game could really be something least visually.

Danja4047d ago

looking good so far..

The art direction looks like a mix of Gears of War and DMC....

and you can clearly see that it is in-game graphics

mikeslemonade4047d ago

Enviroment changes so only possible on teh Cell and Blu-ray.

barom4047d ago

It looks really good, I just hoped the screenshots aren't too touched up. I'll wait for gameplay videos before I make a judgment.

Btw this is made by the Fatal Frame guys and some from Team Ninja. Pretty much Tecmo's two biggest teams.

MNicholas4047d ago

Texture quality is dismal. Not even close to the industry standard. Given that games like GT5 and KZ2 are easily the best of their kind in the industry this is a poor effort. One can only hope that these are a little like the early MGS4 screens in that they had placeholder low res textures that were replaced by high quality textures in the final game.

Lighting is also unimpressive.

dantesparda4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

The resolution looks much higher than the usual PS3/360 game, and even the textures look alot cleaner than the usual PS3 texture. Also for gaffyh, i think this looks better than Gears 2, i beat Gears 2, and i am totally unimpressed by it or its graphics, although the game did get better looking in the later stages, the graphics have shown their age big time. The resolution looks low, the framerate is jumpy, and the co-op is glitchy as all hell. And the aliasing is bad, and the brilinear filtering is weak (they need to stop using that and use real trilinear filtering). and to MNicholas, you are just crazy.

callahan094047d ago

Meh. The graphics aren't that good. The textures are pretty low-res and blurry, and the polygon makeup of the "blocks" he's using for cover are pretty weird looking. It looks like a sliver of paper not a solid chunk of material in some of the screens. I'm also not keen on the idea of a Gears of War rip-off. I think that "take cover, pop out every 15 seconds to shoot a few caps, repeat until 10 enemies are dead, run to the next cover, repeat" style of gameplay is pretty boring.

4046d ago
AuToFiRE4046d ago

definitely a very beautiful game, i wonder if it can compete with killzone2

SL1M DADDY4046d ago

I'll have to keep it on the radar and see what comes of it. If it plays fast and has a cover system, I can dig it.

AAACE54046d ago

Looks really good indeed! Could possibly be the next great game on Ps3.

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gus30004047d ago

looks like gears of wars

shawnsl654047d ago

i don't recall gears having that much color in it. This looks like a fantasy type setting. Gonna put this on the "watch out" list.

IaMs124047d ago

I totaly agree thats the first thing i said when i looked at them... the enemies look like Locusts but with a little difference and he is very similar to Marcus but with no bandana... this is darker looking than Gears 2. Gears 2 is a lot more lighter in some places but all in all its great. Looks good!

Foxgod4047d ago

A lot of Gears gameplay plays underground.
You wont make me believe that you can judge this by the little info that has been provided so far.
The marketing for this product starts off pretty queer with its Gears resemblances, that dont resemble at all.

They should take this back to the drawing table anyway, its designs look like a low budget anime title, they did a better job on the designs for Ninja Gaiden, and even that had a bunch of bad looking designed characters.

mfwahwah4047d ago


Mind telling me how you're an expert on all this? You seem pretty sure of yourself, yet I find myself hesitating to believe a word you say...

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ultimolu4047d ago

Oh wooooooow. o_o
Hopefully it plays just as good.

Sevir044047d ago

it looks ok, thats about it, it's textures are flat and while the colors look impressive.. NGS looked better. i'll likely buy this game on release or rent but it needs more work... plenty more... until they show more high res textures and bump mapping and such and better particle effect.