The Dilemma of Delisting Games (And Why It Sucks)

Delisting is a fact of life. That means people get to see companies handle the issue in different ways. More often than not, they try to make the transition easy. But what happens when game collectors or fans of classics get left out in the cold with no physical copies?

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FallenAngel1984663d ago

That all digital only future looks nice huh

darthv72663d ago

It's really nothing new. Games have been delisted over the past several years. Just like when mfg no longer produce a certain product. It's sort of that 'dont know what you got till its gone' mentality. All the while it is available, nobody gives two shits about it. But the very mention that it is soon to be gone... everyone goes cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Personally, i have several pieces of media, both physical and digital, that are no longer in circulation. Their rarity makes them that much more coveted. Its always going to happen.

Fist4achin663d ago

I like the convenience of digital, but then you can run into memory problems.

Physical ownership will always be number one for me. I still have games going back to the OG Xbox and OG PS backlogged. It will take me some time, but I will get to them.

Gamehard663d ago

You can have memory problems with physical or digital anymore, if you don't expand or regularly clean up and uninstall games.

Atom666663d ago

It's a trade off, that's for sure.

Beyond your mainstream titles, I've both struggled to find copies of many physical games, and I've seen that sticker price on rare titles climb and climb over the years.

I think the market will continue to support physical and digital distribution, despite the strange attempts by some to make it seem like one is so much worse than the other.

neutralgamer1992662d ago

I agree I don't see gaming going digital only and succeeding anytime soon

I buy physical only because I like to own my games and duck tales physical from from $15 to $30 within weeks of delisting and will only go higher

Knightofelemia663d ago

It happens companies lose the license to a game and then they have to pull it off the digital market. Activision had to pull the Transformers and Capcom has to pull Ducktales. A part of the reason why I hate digital is because these companies have to pull the games. If the game does not have a phyical copy like Ducktales Remastered I keep enough space on my hard drive so I can play it. This is another reason why I don't like streaming services either they have to rotate their titles. After they lose the license and that one game you want to play isn't there anymore you're screwed.

Absonite663d ago

DuckTales Remastered certainly has a physical copy. I own one.

Sgt_Slaughter662d ago

DuckTales Remastered came out physically for PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

Knightofelemia662d ago

I never knew now I gotta look it up thanks :D

AnubisG663d ago

Welcome to the digital future you kids craving so much! This is the result of your laziness. This is the result of you not having the energy to get up and change the disc. I mean, why would you even burn a calorie or two right?

Nothing new you say? Is that even a good argument? That just proves the point that digital only future is horrible.

It is ok you say? Why is it ok? Because it's a game YOU aren't interested in? What if they do this to your favorite game? Than what?

So enjoy all! This is what you all wanted to have and this will happen in the future with other games as well.

Stadia will be even better for you people because you will have even less of a control of your games library.

RabbitFly662d ago

I think it is extremely short sighted to blame the digital future on people being lazy. Ignorant even.

AnubisG662d ago

No, it is not. Because one of the big reasons people give as an advantage in a digital only future is "covenience". Meaning they are too lazy to get up and change a disc to play a different game. So it is spot on to blame this on laziness.

RabbitFly662d ago

Convenience does not mean they are too lazy to put a disc in no. For one, that is not even the convenient part of it. Secondly just because someone choses a convenient option does not in any way mean they are too lazy to do chose the other option.

There is absolutely no logic in what you are saying. If you are presented with two options and one is more convenient than the other and you choose the convenient option, you are not lazy, you are smart. This spplies to you as well, in so many aspects og your life.

Do you take the longest possible drive to work? No? Then i guess you are lazy then?

bellome662d ago

Physical first.

Digital when there is no physical option.

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