Hands-On With Final Fantasy 7 Remake At Gamescom

TGG Says: "I can’t believe this day actually happened: I got to play the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo at Gamescom 2019 today. We all loved to take part in any rumours about a remake for FF7 happening one day and it was a dream come true when that finally became a reality. And now the release date is less than a year away… And we have a playable demo to enjoy!"

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27d ago
Majin-vegeta27d ago

Just buy dreams and you can play it

343_Guilty_Spark27d ago

Sounds kinda like a mix of FF13 And 15 battle system

bloodyspasm27d ago

Yeah, especially FF15 AFTER they added the option to switch between characters.
And you don't have as much mobility as Noctis (no warping around)

343_Guilty_Spark27d ago

Personally liked 13s more than 15

TheHateTheyGive27d ago

Another blockbuster #exclusive coming soon to the greatest home console ever made ps4.

harmny27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Using epic's engine. Just so you know. If you buy this game you're giving Tim Sweeney money.
Just a fact. Bye guys

Wolffenblitz27d ago

They've already given Tim Sweeney money.

harmny27d ago

yes. they get a % of sales

franwex27d ago

The guy is annoying, but it’s still a good engine.

bloodyspasm27d ago

Well we've seen what happens when they use their own engine... the game takes years longer to make...

Lord_Sloth27d ago

So why are people against Sweeney but still willing to support Pitchford? You don't want to give money to a man who spends it on conservation of nature?

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rulparra27d ago

yeah! xbox and pc too. jajajajaja