Tom's Games: LittleBigPlanet Review

And LBP isn't exactly average. In fact, it excels in every aspect, from multiplayer connectivity integrated into the Story mode to environments that just look too real for a console game. If anything, LBP came just in time for the PlayStation brand although it's a shame that Sackboy and all its sticker fun wasn't available for the original PlayStation console. Still, LBP is a masterpiece in gaming fun and is an example of excellence that should raise the bar on not only the platform genre, but on console gaming altogether.

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TheMART4051d ago

Yes its a great game but Media Molecule patch the movement system

Baba19064051d ago

i like the movement nothing wrong with it i think.

felidae4051d ago

i have absolutely no problem with the movements .. BS

*back to Gears 2 ...

TheMART4051d ago


Why is about every review mentioning it then? Go read up the reviews dude...

Why is it that when I play the game I experience it also?

Johnny Rotten4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

The movement's more like a 2D side scroller on L.S.D or something. The way I've been playing is to take a split second pause to "flick" your controller down or up to advance to the other tiers. Practicing building levels helps out a lot too.

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Daz4051d ago

you cant lie this is a great game and different.
But im bored of it already. not my type of game but i gave it ago.

To busy enjoying resistance 2 coop :P

Noctis Lucis Caelum4051d ago

I'm also bored of it alrdy, it isn't a game for everyone.

SonyOwnsNextYear4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

I played resistance2 for 4 hours yesterday, got tired of shooting things... so i started playing Lbp..when my ribs hurt and was tired of laughing i played some nba2k9..then i popped in donnie brasco for some 1080/24p viewing.i was never bored. If a person cant have fun and make good times ...then youre simply a boring person.

no joke, n4g gets boring, seeing the same fairies fighting over the same burrsh1t.see what i did there?

Seriously if you get bored with online games, then you are just a boring person to begin with.

Baba19064051d ago

hmm i dont think ill get bored that fast there is so much to see and do. i cant stop playing it.

Sarcasm4051d ago

It can probably get boring if you play by yourself.

But I had a lot of fun with LBP with my younger brother in law, nephew, niece and my fiance.

I think that might have been half the experience with LBP. As a single player game, yeah it will tend to get old. But nothing makes me feel happier than playing this with the family.

Foxgod4051d ago

Well, you could have seen that coming.

It doesnt play better then Mario, it doesnt look better then Mario, it doesnt sound better then Mario.

When you create levels, they always have the same feeling to them.
This game fell victim to the hype.

Sarcasm4051d ago

"When you create levels, they always have the same feeling to them."

No I disagree. I'd have to say it's all based on the creativity of the maker.

Foxgod4051d ago

The physx always feel the same, most creators are trying to recreate levels from other games.
But you can alter the way the controls feel, its still a clunky sackboy whopping on the screen and constantly falling to death.

Armyless4051d ago

as much as it is a hobby. Like smoking crack would be a hobby if it were good for you... and it came in a shiny sack-boy wrapper.

LBP is GOTY folks.

Foxgod4051d ago

theres no reason to claim that this will be GOTY, if this was a WII game you would have pissed on it.

Armyless4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

It doesn't have a picture of Mario plastered on it.

PS. You must have lost your way, MicroSomething is over there -->

Monchichi0254051d ago

As Great as this game might be...I feel Sony is botching LBP launch. I mean I didn't even know this game was out till I walked into a Gamestop and happened to see it inside the case. i mean, there was no posters, no flyers...NOTHING!!!

and I haven't seen no commercials or heard anyone talk about it! Grrrr

It's things like this that piss me off about gaming! Great games get ignored and crappy titles like ones from EA get all this press!!!!

TheDude2dot04051d ago

The game is hilarious. I always slap the other sackboys (not girls because that's just wrong) and hold onto them and jump off edges. The game's great fun.

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titntin4051d ago

You can only agree :)

I do try not to buy into hype, but this game has left my household humming tunes and smiling more than almost any other game has.
I fully expect to be playing this game still next year, and I don't say that about a lot of games.
Initial frustrations with the controls are simply a learning curve - you simply can't yank the controls about like you would on a traditional platformer, as the in and out of screen mechanic will make you pay for that! Once you've got your head around that and use the controls with a bit more precision, you can appreciate the subtlety of the controls and physics for what they are - sublime.

Sarcasm4051d ago

"but this game has left my household humming tunes and smiling more than almost any other game has. "

Yeah tell me about it. My niece and nephew is always asking "can we play Little big planet!?!?"

It's the first time where I don't hear them say "Can we play Wii Sports!?"

Good times.

And the secret behind it, is just the way the sackboy looks. "Cute" as it's defined by them.

I don't care what MS tries to come up with. Banjo with user-created mods, or some type of LBP rip-off. But the element that makes LBP so charming is the sackboy. He can be imitated, but never duplicated.

na2ru14051d ago

that banjo bear and his kazooi cookooie look creepy

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

AMAZING Game it is!!! ;-P
It's EVERYTHING they said it would be and more!!! ;-P
Better than any BORING SH*T on any other Console!!! ;-D
'HOME' beta is AMAZING to!!! ;-P
Everything is better on the...
|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

Xbox Street Gang4051d ago

I wish I had a PS3 for this game but I'm too poor to admit it. :(

Anyways, back to Bullet Witch...

Johnny Rotten4051d ago

I'm finally getting the hang of making different switches n stuff. Now if I can just come up with a little bit of creativity to put these swicthes to use!

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