Anthem Is Crawling Its Way Toward Becoming Diablo 3 With Its Cataclysm

Anthem is starting to channel Diablo 3 with its new event, though there's a long ways to go yet.

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dennigo33d ago

if anthem had 25% of the content diablo 3 had at launch it would have been a better game, anthem = fallout 76, shameless cash grabs built up by hype

Nodoze33d ago

Anthem, and Bioware are dead men walking. They are both on life support. I see the Austin Bioware studio closing VERY VERY soon.

savedsynner33d ago

Bioware as a whole should be fine. Dragon Age is a very healthy IP and if they release a good Mass Effect game next time, that series is as well. The thing is the current bioware isn't really the same bioware from baldur's gate or even the first dragon age.

That said, they do have well knwon and largely well loved franchises to draw on. Even Anthem 2(if it's made) could be a hit if they fix fix what fans didn't like about anthem 1)

txboy0533d ago

Smh sure wish I could get a refund

Summons7533d ago

What? The few articles I've seen about Anthem's new event has been all negative beside one which was overwhelmingly positive...though that was a fan site dedicated to being completely bias toward Anthem.