Devil May Cry 5, Blair Witch And More Xbox Game Pass Details

Major Nelson: At Inside Xbox live from gamescom 2019, we detailed new titles joining Xbox Game Pass this month and updates to the new Xbox (Beta) app for PC

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lxeasy1744d ago

WOW DMC V is on Xbox GamePass!! There's no denying how amazing Xbox GamePass is. They consistently add amazing games!

DaDrunkenJester1744d ago

Yep great upcoming lineup! Then you also have The Outer Worlds and Gears 5 as well.

lxeasy1744d ago

I forgot The Outer Worlds and Gears 5 were also launching on Xbox GamePass! So many Games to play!!!!

DaDrunkenJester1744d ago

Then in 2020 you have Wasteland 3, Ori 2, Battletoads, Halo Infinite, Forza 8, Pyschonauts 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator all launching on GamePass as well.

Unspoken1743d ago

Game Pass is a hit! Studio acquisition behind a wall is a miss. Another reason not to go Sony.

Obscure_Observer1744d ago

PS NOW needs to step up their game ASAP!

With Gamepass, Xbox doesn´t even need XCloud to destroy Stadia!

Great job Xbox Team!

rob-GP1744d ago

GamePass is nothing like Stadia so I'm not sure what the comparison was supposed to be?

neutralgamer19921744d ago

Sure Sony is worried that they are selling more hardware and software on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bases than ms/Xbox

Sony will never put their exclusives on gamepass or psn now day one because their exclusives are great but in case of ms they make mostly AA games so why not

That comment is just for you

On topic

This is great for those who like digital media. I know I am in the minority)(40-45%) but I like to own my games

You can't deny the fact ms have made great strides with gamepass buy sooner or later they can't give this away for $1 when they have to pay all the 3rd parties. Right now it's a great deal but moving forward either they will have to eat the cost and take a loss in hopes of bigger returns in future or raise the cost next Gen

TheHateTheyGive1744d ago

Ps now does not need to do anything because its not sonys main lifeline like GamePass is for xbox one. We get a constant flow of exclusives that you cant play on pc or any console, its the reason sony 60 million console sold lead on xbox. Ps now like 3rd parties is filler for us playstation owners.

I cant wait for death stranding, ff7 remake, concrete genie, MLB 20The show, last of us 2, ghost of tsushima and so on. SO enjoy your pity 3rd party filler games and and single A indie games.

There's still nothing worth getting an xboxone.

1744d ago
TheSaint1743d ago

Of course you use this as an opportunity to knock PlayStation....

Will you ever grow up do you think?

derektweed11743d ago

Sorry to hijack


"We get a constant flow of exclusives that you cant play on pc or any console,"

As far as I can tell the only PS4 exclusive that came out in the since Spiderman, was Days Gone.

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Krew_921744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Disappointed that DMC V is only going to Xbox GamePass and not PC. Bummer. The other offerings aren't bad though, can't wait to play them!

LucasRuinedChildhood1744d ago

True. Getting DMC5 is insane. This announcement reminded me that they really need to put Ape Out on XB1 and PS4 though. :(

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RookieMonsterLives1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

I just recently upgraded my Game Pass to Ultimate all the way to March 2022. DMC5 is just one of the reasons why Game Pass is so worth it. I must say, this will force me to get a Scarlett at launch.

GrimReaperGamer1744d ago

Just curious how did you upgrade your Game Pass to Ultimate all the way until March 2022? I'd like to do the same.

yomfweeee1744d ago

Basically if you have
X months of GamePass
Y months of LiveGold

Then you buy this $1 Ultimate Gamepass deal and it will add up X + Y and convert those to Ultimate Gamepass.

So you could buy 3 years of Gold. Then buy this $1 deal and you will now have 37 months Ultimate.


Movefasta19931744d ago

Mine is until 2021 August, lots of good times ahead of us !

xX1NORM1Xx1744d ago

Huh looks like everyone down voting those people saying the capcom payment was for DMC 5 on gamepass were wrong.

lxeasy1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

GamePass is awesome, I don't care how Xbox continues to get these AAA games, as long as they keep getting them. I'm a happy customer.

rob-GP1744d ago

That'll be the 19m dollars Capcom received for 'Digital services' - quite a lot for allowing DMC V on gamepass, especially as the game's sales will have started to go down.

Poopmist1744d ago

There's a lot of Capcom games that go to gamepass. That payment probably also included stuff like Dead Rising 4 too.

neutralgamer19921744d ago

It's still recent and these 3rd party publishers will want ms and Sony to take care of them if they want their games early on their services

DaDrunkenJester1744d ago

I highly doubt MS paid 19million just to have DMCV on GamePass...

RangerWalk2671743d ago

You have to remember who you're talking about. This isn't Sony or Nintendo. Microsoft has some MAJOR DEEP POCKETS

Zeref1743d ago

lol you guys have no sense of financials. There's no way they paid 19million for this. Are you one of those people that said Ninja got almost 1 billion from Microsoft to join Mixer? 😂

This game is way past it's stride in sales. Most people who were gonna buy it already bought it. I'm guessing they got at most 5 million for this. There is no way they could have made that much at this point without Game Pass.

rob-GP1743d ago

No, I imagine the streamer got about 100m if Mixer were going to base it on what they 'predict' he would have made on Twitch based on his last year's earnings (before he lost a tonne of paying subs)

Regarding my comment about the 19m being used on this, I meant the games this quarter as people were saying MS had paid for an exclusive or the marketing rights to a game only coming to Xbox and Pc - but it clearly wasn't. It was the down payment so games like this and DR4 could hit GamesPass. It's why games are only on the service for X amount of months, they are pre-paid for a set period as the publisher/dev would get almost nothing in terms of the revenue share of one dollar subscriptions.

Also, your last statement - are you saying there's no way the game could make 5m at this point? if so, I agree, the game has been out a while now. However, considering it sold over 2m copies in its first two weeks, it was a sucessful game in the series so could easily push a high price for inclusion on the service.

Zeref1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Fair enough,

If they did pay 19m it probably includes this, DR4, Monster Hunter(to keep it) and Resident Evil 2 remake(which i'm fully expecting now)

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AngainorG7X1744d ago

Best service in gaming history