Rumor: Capcom Is Teasing Devil May Cry Announcement

It might be revealed at Gamescom 2019

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Kribwalker1752d ago

i bet that DMC 5 on gamepass rumour will be true

gangsta_red1752d ago

That and maybe some DLC! I'll take both!

Eonjay1751d ago

Gamepass announcement wouldn't be big news. Gamepass is just a subscription service. Its actually new content that he is alluding to. Now it could be DLC.

Ricegum1752d ago

Hope not. Most people would already have played it by now.

Atom6661751d ago

They just came out and said it has almost sold 3 million copies. That's across PC, PS, and Xb. Safe to say, "most" have not played it by now.

Kribwalker1751d ago

i haven’t, so id be happy

bluebenjamin1751d ago

Rice just get an Xbox and stop hating, Playstation now has all the other DMC games so ease up

Zeref1751d ago

uhm why not?...

I haven't played it... Was gonna get it when it's cheap. unless it's coming to gamepass

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solideagle1752d ago

I think its Dmc 5:special edition with remaining 3 characters playable.

JokerBoy4221751d ago

Could be better though... And there was cliffhanger with Lady and Trish as well...

NovusTerminus1751d ago


Every DMC game has ended with "another job" coming in, it was more of a tradition then a cliff hanger.

shuvam091751d ago

DMC3 remake...
C'mon, you know you want it...

BlackIceJoe1752d ago

I wish Capcom would go into their vault of unused games and bring back Dino Crisis.

XxSPIDEYxX1752d ago

Devil May Cry 3 Remake with the new engine would be incredible, but i'm perfectly fine with DMC V DLC.

Movefasta19931751d ago

Dmc3 is already perfect imo, i'd rather them remake dmc2 or 1 with the new engine.

XxSPIDEYxX1751d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'd love 1 & 2 on the new engine as well, it's just Dan Southworth (Vergil) isn't in those games, but was apart of this reveal. So I'm saying it's possibly DMC 3 or DMC V DLC.

Segata1751d ago

I wish they would just take DMC2 out of the canon. They will never bring back Lucia and they changed the timeline of DMC2.

SyntheticForm1752d ago

I still have yet to finish this game, but I was loving using V. That character is a ton of fun. Some people say he's "easy mode" - whatever I like him.

jukins1751d ago

Same here. Neo and dante have similar styles that weve played on every dmc. With V it felt fresh and more engaging.