Boundary from Sony's China Hero Project Gets Impressive New Trailer; Coming to Both PS4 and PC

While Gamescom starts tomorrow, there already are developers dropping their trailers early: This is the case of Surgical Scalpels with their game Boundary.

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sampsonon64d ago

hmmm? Sony doesn't mind telling people if their game is going to PC. Death Stranding is not going to PC I'm afraid.

Rangerman120864d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I mean, it's not like the game was published by Sony. It was helped by them but that doesn't mean Sony owns the game. Earlier this year in an interview, the developers have commented that they'll be looking for a publisher to distribute their game. It's the same thing with Lost Soul Aside as well.

Heck, Boundary devs even confirmed before that they would like to possibly release the game on the Xbox One if given the chance.

Jammer21064d ago

I don't know why you got disliked. You actually have a point since there were interviews about the developers in regards to the game's future.

sampsonon64d ago

that makes sense. although i still don't think Sony would allow one of their engine's to be shared if it was going to PC. If DS goes to pc it will most likely be PS Now.

this is from the Official site
it's all Sony. Trademark, published. it's not going to PC.

Rangerman120864d ago (Edited 64d ago )

You might have a point. Still, only time will tell if Death Stranding will stay as a PS4 exclusive or not. Since it's published by Sony, that might be the case but then again, so was Nioh and it ended up on PC, so it really depends on the publishers or developers.

Either way, I still stand on what I said about Boundary. While Death Stranding is heavily distributed by Sony, Boundary, along with other China Hero games, were mostly kickstarted by Sony. It's really the developers' choice if they want Sony to publish their game or not. Immortal Legacy is a great example, since it's the first game of the program to be published by Sony (surprised no one it's talking about it). Animal force was mostly distributed by Oasis Games so because of that, it was later released on other VR platforms. Hardcore Mecha was published by Arc System Works and was released first on PC in the west (despite the PS4 version being worked on first but hopefully it'll come). Lost Soul Aside was confirmed to be a timed exclusive by the devs themselves. Boundary is the same, considering that they're looking on finding a publisher. And as for The Walker? Well, considering that it's mostly just an average wave shooter that even the publishers themselves wanted to forget about it, it's no wonder why it haven't come to other platforms. Pervader might be a playstation exclusive since it's being helped on by one of Sony's companies but who knows.

What I'm trying to say is that I highly doubt Sony owns all China Hero Project games, unless the developers wants them to. They mostly help chinese developers to kick off on the console market. Some like Hardcore Mecha provided good results, and some like The Walker weren't as successful.

Rangerman120864d ago

Looks pretty good. Hoping that it will be one of the good chinese games on the PS4. Still sucks that the VR version was canned. I get that the first few VR games we got from the first batch weren't all that great (Immortal Legacy was alright though) but still...

Joshua1364d ago

Looks fun. Hope it will be good.

gangsta_red64d ago

Looks pretty good and definitely something a tad different in the fps shooter genre