Man Of Medan is a must-buy for Xbox One gamers who missed out on Until Dawn

The Dark Pictures Anthology starts with Man Of Medan on August 30, and it's an absolutely must-buy for Xbox One loyalists who missed out on Until Dawn.

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SkatterBrain1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

didnt know the team went multiplatform, i enjoyed the vr rollercoaster game they made rush of blood? my bro liked until dawn, i wanted to try out there other VR Game in the insane asylum , forget the names the inpatient?

BehindTheRows1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

They aren’t full multi-platform (they’ve announced that they’re currently making several PlayStation exclusives). They just happened to go multi with The Dark Pictures.

SkatterBrain1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

starting to get a lil nervous seeing there games on other systems and also Quantic Dreams games on pc , i think Sony Should Let David Cage direct his own movie , whatever happened to The Dark Sorcerer? , the games go anyway you want them to but The Casting and Cara were incredible tech demos, if he made a whole movie like that id be glued to the screen , there is talent there,

Spurg1269d ago

Playstation VR games not your traditional ps exclusive.

BehindTheRows1269d ago


Um, I didn’t argue otherwise. Good thing they aren’t just making VR games.

darren_poolies1269d ago


Dark Sorcerer was never an actual game, only a tech demo.

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Neonridr1269d ago

Inpatient is not really a good game. And they also did Bravo Team which was awful, stick to Firewall Zero Hour instead of that mess.

AK911269d ago

Normally I would agree but from everything I've seen of Man of Medan looks bad.

Imortus_san1269d ago

Sorry but all those games nich games = garbage games to the majoraty of people, they will never be a must buy.

Applejack1269d ago

You’re free to have your own opinion but don’t throw it upon others. Just because I personally don’t like JRPGs doesn’t mean they’re garbage does it?

Imortus_san1269d ago

Not liking a game is something, considering a game good is another, I dont like Metal Gear and yet I know it's a good game, this game is just garbage, the animations and grafics are very weak.

darren_poolies1269d ago

"niche games = garbage game"

What an idiotic comment.

Imortus_san1269d ago

If saying that nich games are considerated garbage by the majoraty of people, since they don't buy it, and that's why they have very weak sales = nich games, meanning most gamers don't give a damm about that game.
If this upsets you, then you going for bumpy road.

2ndhandcorn1269d ago

Must buy lmao thank you .