Final Fantasy VIII Remastered physical release apparently confirmed

At E3 2019, Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, and it’s coming to Switch. A couple of retailers then listed the game, which indicated that a physical release is planned. Of course, that doesn’t actually mean much until pre-orders open.

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Simon_the_sorcerer1801d ago

If that's the case, then it goes straight into my collection on day one.

1800d ago
-Foxtrot1801d ago

Collectors edition please

If they can give the FF7 Remake a £260 collectors edition then they can at least do something special for this.

MrSwankSinatra1800d ago

1st class edition is not a collectors edition, it's a bundle. The figure is not even integrated together in the package with the limited edition. It's literally what they did with kingdom hearts 3 and the figure set.

-Foxtrot1800d ago

I know it isn’t my point is they can still go out their way to do something at least

djl34851800d ago

You just defined a collectors edition.

dumahim1800d ago

No. Collector's editions are usually everything packed together in special packaging. It sounds like the game is the normal version of the game sold with the other bits in separate packaging.

As someone who collects games and special editions, it really annoys me when this happens. UbiSoft has been doing this lately like Watch Dogs 2. Normal copy of the game and the bot was in a separate box.

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Final Fantasy Games That Deserve the Remake Treatment

Final Fantasy has a long running history with numerous numbered titles and spin-offs, but which games stand to benefit from a remake?

gold_drake216d ago

i feel like all of them.
well except 2 haha.

shinoff2183216d ago

Agreed. Ff2 though can be made better, so it's not entirely a lost cause. Ff8 will gets its time. I do wish they'd do the old ones. From ff10 and up those ones still hold up pretty well.

kevco33215d ago

Honestly, I've always felt that VII and up 'hold up well' in that regard. The early 3D games just needed a cosmetic update. But the FFVII Remake is so different to the original in execution that a lot of games could be done in a similar fashion and feel far more modern.

I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing (that depends on your personal preference!), just that they could feel very different.

shinoff2183215d ago

Kevco I liked remake but I think your right. Idda been happy with a 1 to 1 remake that looked like ever crisis to. Or both

I'd just love I square would one day give us a turned based one with today's graphics. I can't really think of a jrpg that does that.