September 2019 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

Looking at past trends, we have some predictions as to what free PS4 titles will be included on PS Plus for the upcoming month of September 2019.

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SterlingSilver887d ago

There's nothing more I want than Farming Simulator ;)

OneEyedSteve887d ago

Very poor predictions, no chance of it been them. It will more realistically be something like Doom and WRC7. Won't be a game that's been out only 9 months.. and a game hardly anyone will want.

GameStallion886d ago

Hope it’s not DOOM- already have that. Great game though.

Nacho_Z887d ago

It's going to be Cyberpunk and GTA6.

Silly gameAr886d ago

Nah. It's going to be The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding.

Spurg887d ago

Can we please ban these prediction articles? It's utter nonsense. There are 1000s of game out there how will they predict something like that.

Nacho_Z887d ago

If they ever have got it right it was a complete fluke. Totally pointless isn't it.

DarkZane886d ago

Or games were leaked, they knew before anyone else and they "predicted" it would be those games.

GameStallion886d ago

Seriously if it’s just cause 4 that will be 3 months in a row I already had the main game they’re offering.