Fabula Nova Crystallis revisited - Final Fantasy XIII vs. Final Fantasy XIII-2

"Final Fantasy is one of the most varied RPG franchises so let's take a look back at 2 entries in the series and see which one prevails." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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VideoChums357d ago

Vote for either Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XIII-2 at the bottom of the article! 🎮😄

FallenAngel1984356d ago

It’d be nice if Square Enix released a remaster of FFXIII next with some QoL elements from FFXIII-2 like character switching mid battle

crazyaejay356d ago

That would be awesome! I heard that the trilogy was remastered for Xbox One X but I only have a regular Xbox One. That's something at least.

Summons75355d ago

I really enjoyed 13 but 13-2 definitely really went back and tackled a lot of the complaints about 13. Caius was also an excellent villain. Wish they would remaster and put the collection out on current systems.

SamPao355d ago

Absolutely. And while at it also put it on psNow... Id love to revisit 13 and I never finished 13-2

Elda355d ago

FFXIII is one of my top tier FF games of all time,I would love a 4k FFXIII on the PS console to revisit & play!!

Jsm89k355d ago

Probably the worst FF I’ve played. I just mashed X and I won.

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