No Man's Sky Beyond Oculus Quest Gameplay Impressions (VR Streaming)

CG writes: We take the recently released No Man’s Sky Beyond for a spin using the Oculus Quest. This is accomplished by using the Virtual Desktop App (you can also use ALVR) and streaming the game from the PC (check our streaming guide here). The results are surprisingly good. The visuals are not as sharp as playing natively and there is some minor latency, but the game is still very playable and a decent compromise for those wanting wire-free gaming. Considering the game is not likely to ever release on the Oculus Quest this is pretty neat.

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ApocalypseShadow611d ago

Cool idea getting games to work across from PC.

It also shows that Quest is limited in scope to run games by itself and even hit Xbox 360 or PS3 level. Developers should be trying to make OG Xbox level games in high resolution. Those games had a good graphics level and colors. They should shoot for that quality.

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Father__Merrin611d ago

Is the quest the oculus that is designed for more mobile style vr or is that the go?

ApocalypseShadow611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

Go is more movie player with simple 3dof. You can't move freely like top VR headsets. VR games are limited.

Quest is a VR game system and movie player with 6dof that allows full movement and room scale VR. The games are better than Go and just recently can play Go games too like having BC. It's more expensive but much better than Go. It's not powerful as the top headsets but a great start for stand alone systems leading to future iterations of wireless VR that's more powerful.

It's crazy that we're already at this point.